Lockdown gardening commences...

Funny how gardening in a national lockdown feels different. Because it just isn't. Everything is exactly the same. Except I can't go racing off to the nursery to buy replacement secateurs - they are considered non-essential items, and the nurseries are shut anyway. But really! I should have looked after the old ones.

 Going well.
Filling Up the Lower Hump Garden

Have worked all day in the Hump Garden, which is definitely taking shape. I've raked soil around, fixed yet another path, dug up more forgotten potatoes (we'll try them for dinner). I've dug out and trimmed two Phormiums, replanting one down by the wooden retaining wall

 All my paths in the Hump Garden look the same!
Another Cleared Hump Path

Pruned more roses...

I've pruned more roses, using the edging shears, and dumped all my mess in a sensible place. Am not allowed to bonfire, because of lockdown. I've planted two chunky shrubs (a white Buddleia and a Rosemary), both gifted from my friend. I've scooped out two more barrowuls of wet weeds.

Exciting news. There is definitely room for roses, and I have about fifteen waiting in pots, including the fiesty pink Kate Sheppard. I do, however, need to make a decision regarding the pots of miniature roses. They can be a bit of a nuisance in the main rose garden.

Being in lockdown is a breeze. One is not allowed to go anywhere, so all one does is gardening, gardening, and gardening. And then one writes up the gardening blog, has a shower, slops on some hand cream, eats a meal, and goes off to bed in Pond Cottage, safe and snug with grey cat Minimus and her Thomas Cromwell book.

 Not sure which one.

Next Day...

Aargh! It's rained overnight, so my morning garden has wet dirt and drippy greenery. Have laid out my seeds (it's just a wee bit early to start sowing them). Oops. I have four packets, all unopened, none expired, of carrots. Ditto Calendulas - plus my own saved seeds. Most peculiar. I am not a huge carrot eater. Must have chosen them for the colour?

Then I wandered outside with the camera, to check on the Hellebores and the Camellias. Oops. Not so fruitful. Forgot the Hellebores (they all hang their heads down, easy to miss). But the creamy white Camellia by the Sleepout is just starting to flower. Had to return Black Fred (in one of his scary climb-up-my-mother moods) to the house. Then, Fredless, I plodded over the newly cleared paths of the Hump Garden. Naughty! Was wearing my new shoes, which are banned from the garden.

Much Later...

This afternoon I spent ages planting things. The miniature roses that I like are in the garden next to the Herb Spiral (just a few more to add). The miniatures that I don't care for are - oops - on the bonfire heap. I've also planted some shrub roses in the Hump Garden, plus two pots of Stella Bella dayliles. I've planted some irises in the dry Stables Garden.

Cornubia Rhododendrons

With Lilli-Puss sitting demurely on my lap I've done some web-work, too. The rhododendron Cornubia now has its own page. What a beauty this shrub has grown into - and such a brilliant red.


Our total lock-down has been extended for another four days. Not a problem. Absolutely no excuse not to get the garden into really great shape. Pleasure flying in tiddly planes is not allowed, so Non-Gardening Partner will be available for weekend chain-sawing.