More Archways - More Roses!

 I think this is Souvenir de la Malmaison.
Pink Rose on Archway

More archways - that means more roses! Thirteen metal archways sit in a row leading deep into the middle of the Hazelnut Orchard. The roses which adorn them have been growing now for a few years.

Rose Failures

There have been some rose planting failures. Lady Hillingdon, with her beautiful fat pale apricot flowers and reddish foliage, has never grown properly. After several unspectacular summers she's going to be dug out - well, actually two of her, because the idea was to have one each side.

Then two Uetersens were sold to me as climbing roses. That's a joke! They are now growing happily, with masses of blobby pink blooms that barely reach the top of my gardening legs. Again these roses have had a few years to demonstrate their tendencies... But I'm going to keep these healthy fatties on, and perhaps add a climber next door.

Two Easleas Golden Ramblers were recommended by the rose nursery as suitable for modest rose archways. They were definitely not modest enough! I've replaced them with an assortment of second hand climbers from a gardening friend.

 The archways were home-welded by Non-Gardening Partner.
In the Beginning - The First Archway

The thirteenth archway (oops - that sounds unlucky) is now on a lean. This is partly caused by the weight of the rose (Souvenir de la Malmaison) and partly by the fierce southerly winds. This archway is one of the last garden outposts, and there's no shelter.

 Looking back to the Hazel Gate.
Orchard Roses

Non-Gardening Partner has promised to push it back up before it totally falls down. I'll hold him to that!