Grunty gardening...

 By the house.
Pale Pink Camellias

Seven hours of grunty gardening! Sore hands (wasn't wearing gloves, silly me). Happy! Proud! Worked all day in one place, in the Hump Garden. Focussed gardening!

Not boring!

And not one little bit boring. Alternated between producing barrowloads of wet weeds (found a good dumping place by the fence-line) and trimmings (including rose prunings) for the bonfire. Planted my three new friendship Hydrangeas (gifted by my friend). Realigned the path through last year's potato patch. Dug quite a few potatoes out (which I will replant).

Whenever I found a foxglove seedling in the path I scooped it up carefully and replanted it. This level of detail slows the day down, but making time to care about the littlest things in a garden can bring the greatest joy. Awww...

Burning the Hedge Trimmings :
Aargh! The winter bonfire, so absolutely necessary to clean up a country garden after the hedge trimmer has visited.

Finished the day bonfiring. Dug out more dead Anemanthele grasses, burnt all the remaining hedge trimmings in the trailer. So now it's empty and available to pick up a load of garden mix this weekend. Nice.

Lilli-Puss Update...

Lilli-Puss spent the day outside, this time unsupervised. Decided that if she wandered away then so be it. She's been home for nearly for three months now - high time she enjoyed a normal life. Sweet cat! And all was well - at the end of the day I checked her room. There she was sitting serenely on her snuggly blanket.

Thursday 12th August

I'm having the day off. Have borrowed a white ukelele to deliver to a friend in MIQ (Covid quarantine). Already I've gone back into the Hump Garden to look at yesterday's efforts and to take photographs. Wow! Looks great.

 In the Winter Hump Garden.
Fred Cat on a Path

Was accosted on the path by Black Fred wanting to leap up my legs. Escaped his over-friendly attentions. Back in the house Lilli-Puss had Red Fred bailed up in the hallway. That's Red the Fearless, Supreme Striped Warrior Cat. Go Lilli-Puss, I say!

Loving the Camellias...

The garden continues to impress me - particularly the Camellias. I am so grateful for their flowers. Love the pale pink, name unknown, and the delicate white of Cinnamon Cindy.

 So pretty!
Cinnamon Cindy Camellias