From the breakfast chair...

 On the patio table.

Having my breakfast sitting in one of the breakfast chairs, Lilli-Puss on my lap, planning my gardening day from this vantage point. It looks out to the Island Bed. What couldn't I see, but would like to see, now? What would I like to see further into spring and summer?

An interesting (and very sensible) way of looking at this part of my garden, suggesting many immediate improvements. Details later, when the day is finished.

Much later...

Oh joy! I have done so much hard work. First of all I sawed down a Pittosporum which was blocking the view of the Choisya (Mexican Orange Blossom). This shrub isn't flowering yet, but it will be soon. I definitely need to see it from the house.

 Much better!
New Curve of Island Bed

Decided that the garden which hugs the bay window directly in front of the breakfast chairs has to be more flowery this year, so dug out an Anamenthele grass, removed lots of the Mexican daisy plants, and weeds, in preparation. Then I severely pruned the Flower Carpet roses - hopefully they are not too shocked. Removed lots of wet gum leaves as well. I produced five barrowloads of mess from one tiddly little space.

Yeay! Potting mix!

After my shower I grabbed my mask and drove down the road to the local store. Dog food, cat food, and reward chocolate. Great excitement - bags of potting mix outside the door. Yeay! Essential items! Bought four bags.

Tuesday 31st August

Breakfasted again in one of the breakfast chairs. Hmm. The garden is looking very nice. But now the shape of the Island Bed is much more obvious. Oops. The side curve is just not curvy enough. A minor detail but sooooooo important!

 Still flowering, in the Driveway Garden.
Cinnamon Cindy Camellias

There's also my potting mix. Yeay! But, oddly, now I've got it I can't remember what I urgently needed it for. Should have written a list. Aha! Instant recall!

  1. Pot up divisions of Lupin (to be rescued from Driveway Garden).
  2. Repot Strawberries. Yes! I knew that!
  3. Repot pretty pale pink Pelargonium pieces.
  4. And pot up divisions of Nepeta, for the bees. That's a new one, I just made it up.

So the plan is to play Brahms on the piano (quietly, NGP 'at work' at the table, watched by two adoring let's-dooooo-something dogs). Until the day warms up a bit after last night's frost.

Daffodil and Honey Bee


I've finished my work for the day a bit early, but hey! I've been really good. I've used up two bags of potting mix (see above), I've planted a Blondie Phormium in the patio garden, a pot of fresh young Anemanthele grass placed just so to stop the dogs charging through and doing damage.

Found my loppers!

Having found my loppers (put away safely in the garage - didn't even think of looking there, hee hee) I've gone back over already-pruned shrubs removing the fat bits. Pruned the Ballerina roses by the house - both grown from cuttings, and not particularly robust growers in the semi-shade. Pruned the Compassion pergola roses. Three barrowfuls of trimmings etc. tipped onto my mess pile, which is growing bulkier by the day.

The plan now is to shower and wash my hair, make a nice cup of tea, and go on a Youtube train. Have been pottering around the Czech Republic recently on some very pretty trips. And falling asleep - just like I probably would on the real thing, hee hee.

 Lots to burn, when the fire ban comes off.
Lock-down Mess

Have taken just a few photographs, as usual. Could show you my grubby fingernails? Perhaps not. In the meantime, enjoy the picture of my ever-growing burning heap.