Too windy...

 Much taller than the roof of the house...
The Frisbee Lawn Gum Tree

I should take notice of the weather forecast for wind today? In the calm of early morning I am invincible (I am gardener, hee hee). That wind isn't going to stop me! Not me. Ha! I will laugh at the wind. Then I will ignore it.

Wednesday 16th September

Blast. My leg/hip and the connection therein has gone a bit funny. Sorry, dogs! Walking will be very slow and ploddy. It's another weeds and seeds day. And cuttings. Am thinking catmint, to provide more bee plants.

It's also a spreading horse manure day. I also have a bag of organic compost to try. Non-Gardening Partner is sceptical - isn't all compost organic, he asks? I made something up about anti-fungal additives. Must check, because I'd like to get a trailer load this weekend.

But first, I'll try and get this funny leg niggle sorted. Walk it off or take a pill? What a choice!


A bit cross? So cross! Was valiantly weeding the house borders while the wind became stronger and noisier. Tried laughing. Tried ignoring. Too noisy! Apologised to the flowering cherry tree (standing underneath it was like being in spring snow) and flounced off to the glass-house (well, waddled is more the word). This was reasonably sheltered (the Camellias are doing just fine) but even more noisy.

 In Middle Garden.
Big pink rhododendron

Took catmint and Lavender cuttings, pricked out more Cosmos seedlings. The wind did a huge, scoopy roar. Looked up and wondered if a Wattle tree branch would crash through the glass roof down on my head. Not pleasant.

 In the Wattle Woods by the glass-house.
Red Camellia

It's personal!

Gave up, turned the hoses on the Camellias, humphed into the house, and put on Faure's string trio. I think it's personal - the wind just doesn't like me. Because as soon as I'm settled inside it stops blowing. Ooh goodie, I think, and out I scuttle. 'She's back! Action! Whoooooosh! Roaaaaaaaaaaar!' The wind whines and blows, stronger and noisier than ever.

Half an hour later...

No. I will NOT be blown inside by a rude wind. I'm going back out to spread horse manure and shift the hoses. I will work until I drop (or until anything drops on me). My dodgy leg is working better (thanks to a wee magic pill). C'mon, dogs...

Thursday 17th September

OK. Gale force winds forecast from lunchtime on. Am not going to fight them, like I tried to do yesterday afternoon. This morning's plan is to sit on my bottom and weed in the Hump. Start early, move carefully, work for at least two hours, then reward self with lunch at a cafe.

 He is not liking the wind, either.
Fred in the Blossom Tree


My morning weeding was calm, peaceful, and pleasant. I watched bees buzzing around the Alkanet, and monarch butterflies dancing over the cherry blossom (what's left of it). One of my Fred cats leapt through the blossom from branch to branch - just showing off. A well-balanced cat, Fred!

Hello, wind...

The wind arrived, as forecast, early afternoon. Came home from lunch to find it charging around my garden in full bluster.

Noticed that the big pink rhododendron is starting to flower. Took photographs, put the hoses on, and did a little bit of glass-house work. Then retreated to the house to read my book and go on a Youtube train journey in Sweden.

Love my big trees!

By the way, I love my big trees. They make big contributions to the noise, but I love them unconditionally. Yes, I really do! And I've made peace with the wind. Fresh air, not too cold, nothing important has blown over. Yet!