My mind is refreshed and rejuvenated by spring. Yes! Spring gardening is funny. Tasks that I've put off, thinking they'll take ages, now seem to be easily finished. Wow! Just like that. It's mental, that's what it is. It's all to do with attitude.

 President Roosevelt, with some loss of variegation.
Spring - Blossom and Rhododendrons

Wonder what I'll do today? Whatever, it will be damp gardening - the weather promises (and is delivering) showers, and the ground is damp. I'm going to leave it open, and when I come back inside (wet and muddy, no doubt) I can write the proudest list and tell you all about it.

 She spies on me in the garden.
Black Buster

Much later...

My gardening day has gone really well. I've been mainly in the Hump Garden, doing lots of weeding, spreading horse manure, and cutting up old frost-burnt forget-me-nots with the kitchen scissors. That goes on the horse manure as mulch. Paths in the Hump have been leveled and re-aligned. My potato patch is now a little larger. I've planted my hollyhocks, and pulled out lots of annoying pieces of stray Lamium. Yeay for me.

Gardening company...

Had all sorts of animal company - firstly, my friend the blackbird (he loves the wormy horse manure). A lone fluttering Monarch butterfly - promised him/her I'd grow some Buddleia cuttings for mid-summer. Winnie appeared with her ball, but got a bit bored with me. Caught sight of black Buster the cat, spying on me. Then she wandered off and my blackbird came back. It's never lonely in my garden.

Finished the day in my glass-house, where lots of my seeds have germinated. I've potted up some Carexes, and sown Echinacea and Cosmos. My glass-house is not the warmest, sunniest place over winter, and it could do with a clean-out. I could have a try at growing tomatoes this year? As long as I choose the right variety? It's a thought.

 A beautiful rhododendron by the Driveway Lawn.
President Roosevelt has Lost his Variegation!

Some lovely sounds today - first the cherry blossom in the Driveway Lawn a-buzz with bees, and now gentle rain on the roof (and therefore on the garden). It's gone very dark and thunderstorms are forecast. Hopefully the rain will continue.

 Black Fred.
Fred Cat

Monday 7th September

Aargh! Remind me not to be over-sentimental about my animals. The dogs and I have just been for a walk to check on the sheep. It looked like one sheep was stuck in the fence, and I saw a new lamb on its own, either sleeping in the sun or dead. Sorry about this, but have had some sad experiences with lambs.


Meanwhile one of the Fred cats (he walks with us) had got left behind. He started crying, pitifully. Awww... Beckoned him - 'You have to catch us up, Fred'. He started sprinting, and yes, he did catch us up - leaping up my leg and arm as if climbing a tree trunk. All claws engaged. Ouch!

And where was Pebbles? Winnie (my good girl dog) did the collie version of 'pointing' to next-door's paddock. Grr. Pebbles wasn't at all interested in coming back to me. Was so cross. Watched trickles of blood running down my arm. My poor old skin! Felt even crosser!

 Winnie never does anything naughty...
Good Girl Winnie

Licked my wounds, put my dogs back in their kennels, and re-approached the sheep paddock, with a heavy heart. But the stuck sheep wasn't stuck any more, and the new lamb was on its feet with (hopefully) its Mum. I so hope that all is well. I worry about the lambs. Fred was waiting by the hay barn, but I turned my nose up and ignored him. Rude cat!

No gardening today...

Sorry, but no gardening today. I've done some music work (producing sound files for one of my choirs). My oldest friend took me out to lunch, and I've come home with the remains of a grunty birthday cake. It's OK to have a day off. Especially on the Eve of one's Birthday...

The spring garden is delicions, made more beautiful by the impermanence of everything. Please, wind, stay away for at least a couple of weeks, so the blossom stays put. Rain, you are welcome, but please be gentle - vertical would be nice - and be careful of the late daffodils. And gardener - cherish that refreshed spring attitude, enjoy your gardening, and don't forget to water your seeds! Yeay1