A continuous stream of thanks

Yeay! No wind and a leg that sort of works. So here's the idea. I never, ever take 'no wind' for granted. I give thanks for every single wind-free moment. And I give thanks for every step I take where my legs work sort of properly. A continuous stream of thanks...

 In the Wattle Woods by the glass-house.
Pink Camellias

Now we've sorted that out, I'm off to do some planting. I'll also do some serious weeding - somewhere. Done. Well, done on paper, at least.

Four hours later...

Great work! Pats self on back. First of all I weeded down the driveway on hands and knees, delicately pulling those pretty shepherd's needles out of the border.

 Nice clear path!
Coffee Pot in the Welcome Garden

Then I did serious weeding in the Welcome Garden. I cleared a path, shortened it, and put one of my large coffee pots at its end - this can collect rainwater, useful for watering the two species roses planted nearby. For years I have called these big brown things in my garden 'tea pots'. They are nothing like tea pots!

Saturday 19th September

We've been to look at Daughter's community gardening project. She is planting up a vacant lot near her suburb's shopping area. I am so inspired to help her : suspect she is just as mad a gardener as I am. Takes one to know one!

 Silly sheep!
Merino Ewes

When we got home I helped with the sheep. Three big, healthy lambs were tailed, and the two boy lambs were - ahem - deregistered? They will be good company for Beau Ram.

 A mid-season bloomer.
Nonie Haydon Camellia


Then I'm sorry to say that I went to bed in the cottage for a lie-down. Was in a semi-sulk after a slight bout of indigestion. I blame the far too large Americano I slurped down far too quickly at morning tea. Didn't sleep, didn't even read my book. Hopeless! Minimus my cottage cat snuggled up next to me and purred. ThCats always make me feel better.

Sunday 20th September

Good morning. Wow - September is zooming along! Now there's new blossom to enjoy - the second weeping cherry tree in the Driveway garden, and Mount Fuji in the orchard. New leaves, new flowers, new life. New green-ness!

 In the Driveway Border.
Next Blossom

The great debate...

It's a bit cold this morning. The great debate - have a shower and wash my hair now? Or later? Now would warm me up, then I could flick my clean hair around, and my lucky plait would feel silky and nice. Daft! All I am doing today is gardening. No public appearances which necessitate personal grooming...

Later, afternoon tea...

Have been weeding by the house, where there's a lot of gum tree leaf mess. Have scooped it all up, too. Then into the glass-house to pot up lettuces and more strawberry plants. Seedlings : have pricked out Calendula, Kale, and Lavatera. Had a gentle cup of tea, then planted my early potatoes (Cliff Kidney) and the grunty Purple Passions.

I've had a very nice day. It could either be described as 'a bit sluggish', or 'measured'. Prefer the latter.