Itsy bitsy...

 Possibly the New Zealand variety Kaka.
Red Rhododendron

This last week of September has been very itsy bitsy. No long days spent in the garden, no major overhauls, not even one path shifted. Just lots of walking around with the dogs, checking out what's newly in flower.


I've been watering the rhododendrons in their special garden areas, moving the hoses slowly around. Some days the sun has been beautifully warm, perfect for sitting on shady garden seats reading and drinking cups of tea. But then, just for a bit of variety, in came a cold blast, winds driving straight up over the ocean from Antarctica... Brrr. So back on went the merino layers, and out came the down jacket.


And so there were a couple of decent frosts (humph - pretty indecent for this stage of the garden's spring growth) which burnt new Gunnera leaves and trashed some of those rhododendron flowers, turning them into pulp. Oh well. Luckily a lot of my garden has enough shelter not to be too badly affected.

Each day I've tried to do a bit of weeding and watering. Regardless of the hot and/or cold, it's been a very dry spring. So I water one area one at a time really well.

 Malus, Rhododendron, Maple.
Blossom and Flowers in Middle Garden

But for some reason I haven't been writing anything in my journal. Oh well. Make the most of this blessed silence, I guess, and just enjoy the photographs.

There are some beautiful flowers out there. But please, no more frosts!