Lawns and Sheep...

I love my lawns! Not that they are proper lawns - they're just mowed sheep paddocks, awfully weedy, and in some places smothered in blue annual forget-me-nots. I love them most of all in spring when they're very green and the weeds blend in, hee hee...

Today I've put the hoses on in the Wattle Woods (and the Hump's new rose garden) and I've been trimming the lawn edges. If I squint I don't notice any weeds at all, hee hee. Must remember to mobilise Non-Gardening Partner to sow grass seed.

Shearing Day...

It's shearing day soon, so I'm off to help with the sheep. They get squashed into a trailer and taken just down the road to the shearing shed. Boy lamb (note the sad singular - 2019 has been a bad year for lambs) goes with his mum. Beautiful Beau ram travels with his wether friends in a separate trip.

 Lamb has misplaced his mother...
Waiting in the Shearing Shed

Just before I was lost in my garden dream-world, trimming the lawn edges near the pergola. I looked up to see I'd been joined by a group of half wool-blind ewes. They'd taken a wrong turning on the route down to the front paddock. Aargh! Don't eat my Trilliums! Grabbed the rake and shoo-ed them off my garden and back on track. Silly things.

Thursday 10th October

So I started really early in the garden today, raked mess, trimmed edges, weeded, and did all those same things I've been doing for weeks. Then off I zoomed to the shearing shed to do my bit. But after only an hour the machinery broke down, oops. One ewe, bless her, was stylishly half shorn. The sheep all stayed in the yards by the shearing shed. I came home and burnt my bonfire.

 Beau is a well-behaved merino ram.
Beau Ram Being Shorn

Now today, Friday, has been a day of much variety. Down the road at 7am to finish the shearing - check out Beau Ram! My gardener's hands soft and smooth from all the lanolin. 10:30 drove to Chamber music, sight-read four of Handel's flute sonatas. Kept forgetting the key signature, mind wandering off, seeing sheep...

Yet another blue apres-gardening shirt!

Op Shopped on my way home, where I bought yet another apres-gardening blue shirt. Totally superfluous! Into the garden by 2pm - on went the hoses, off went the dogs and I for our first walk. Oops. Found my camera on a purple garden seat. Wonder of wonders - after a night out in the open (with light drizzle) it still works. Camera living dangerously.

 So pretty!
Dandelions in the Lawn

A couple more dog walks. Shifted the hoses. Saw lots of dandelion flowers in my lawns. The Weed de Jour. Such a pretty yellow. The sheep love eating them.