Pond Paths...

 Don't fall in!
Path Around My Pond

Things are afoot in my garden. Paths are afoot! I'm clearing the paths around the back of the pond, where all my garden gnomes live. A friend is visiting the garden later this week. She will enjoy wandering around my pond, which she will notice is a pleasant, serene, and romantic water feature. Best that she doesn't trip over any stray flax leaves - or gnomes.

Tuesday 8th October

Aha! Am back inside, having cleared out five barrowfuls. Also have dug out some scruffy waterside ferns, and a cutty grass (ouch). Observed dead tree branches overhead, and thought again about having a training session on my electric chain-saw.

Behind my pond is a beautiful garden spot in which to work and reflect (pond water obviously encourages this). Reflection de Jour : how blessed one is to have choices, and to be able to do the things that one loves doing. I choose to garden with gnomes. So there!

My pond is big enough to impress, and I have been enjoying chatting to the gnomes, who are very much looking forward to meeting their visitor. Now I'm off to supervise the building of yet another obelisk. Such a busy, industrious life, hee hee. Nice.

Wednesday 9th October

Good morning. A quick journey on my Youtube train (which goes for four hours across Siberia, hee hee) for a light breakfast, then back down the garden path I am going, so to speak.

Pond Paddock Reflections

I love early morning in spring, especially when there's no wind (so the later blossom actually stays on the trees). Love the green-ness in the garden. Of course, all my luscious lawns have been specially mowed for the imminent visitor. Nice.

 His book is Lazy Days...
Reading Gnome


And good mid-afternoon, after a lovely visit from my friend. The gnomes liked her - mainly because she took lots of photographs of them, carefully composing her shots. Gnomes can be rather vain at times. Is this my best side? Is my hat at a jaunty enough angle? Does my bottom look big in these pants? And so on.

 My cottage cat.
Minimus on the Pond Path

I had to leave my dogs in their kennels, because of their dodgy dog-manners (my visitor was dressed in black - oops). But they get a jolly good deal here. Sharing one's garden with dogs, friends (and gnomes) is a nice thing to do, I reckon.