Spring Colours 1

No lists of spring things that desperately need doing today, or should have been done yesterday. Forget all that! Just two pages of beautiful photographs, to celebrate the colours of spring.

Lots of garden participants feature in this festival of spring colour. Different shapes, different sizes. Big show-off shrubs - oh yes! I'm sooooo big! Look at how big I am! Modest miniatures, hugging the ground, hoping not to get trodden on (by an over-enthusiastic gardener).

And lots of different colours, from loud and bright to subdued and pastel. I'd say you could name a colour and I could probably find you a flower or a leaf somewhere. I can even do brown (old Camellia flowers, hee hee).

There's such variety of style, too. Blousy multi-petalled bloomers and sweet little stars, droopers and uprights, clusters and solitaires. Beautiful leaf colours and designs. And there's still more - check out the next page...