Hello there...

 She has been flowering for weeks and weeks.
Nonie Haydon Camellia

Dear October, Well hello there, my old spring friend. It's me. The gardener. Yes, I am still here. I've been loving your new batches of blossom and your spring shrubs. I've been adoring your pinks and whites. And your other flowers, of course.

OK, so you may not have noticed me, but I have been around and about. Honestly I have! I've done a bit of weeding, I've trimmed some edges, I've taken lots of photographs, and I've even cleared a path. Just one, but hey! The intent is there.

Rustic Obelisk

And you may have spied the new Obelisk in the Hump, lovingly built by my daughter, while I watched on (but I did collect some of the hazel suckers). I love it! This is her second such obelisk - she built the first one in her own garden. I will be growing sweet peas and beans up it. Later this week we are building another obelisk in my friend's garden. She (foolishly?) expressed an interest in having one.

 Made from Hazel suckers.
My Obelisk

Readers who find my spare time pursuits interesting (?) should know that I am back on Youtube trains - particularly for breakfast-travel, and last thing at night. Bosnia and Herzegovina is my latest touring destination.


Meanwhile musical life, like each honey bee in my garden, is buzzing (singing, playing piano, writing arrangements for my choir, and so on) and it's not even close to the silly singing season.

My goodness I'm loving my spring garden. It's looking wonderful. The deep pink Crab-Apple blossom is amazing - and so are the first white Mexican Orange blossom flowers, and the lovely Eristomen shrubs.

 The Crab-Apple and the Golden Elm just starting to flower.
Spring Blossom in the Driveway

The later flowering cherry trees are fluffing themselves up with flowers. And some Camellias just don't know when to stop. My garden is pink and white and lovely.