Farewell, September

Farewell, September, you darling spring month. So many beautiful things have happened in my garden this month. I've tried my very best to work hard at everything. As well as stop, look around, marvel, and enjoy.

And pull out a few more Shepherd's Needle weeds - I reckon I've pulled out thousands. A so-called 'first world' dilemma - after yet another gardening session kneeling and weeding, do I soak and wash my muddy-knees jeans? Or just keep wearing the same ones, let them get totally dirty, and then throw them out?

One is taught not to be wasteful, right? Well, today I 'wasted' about thirty lettuce seedlings. Oops. But I'd already potted up twenty (there's only usually two of us to eat them). Yesterday in the glass-house I pricked out my flower seedlings. Now I have lots (and I mean LOTS) of white Orlaya, annual Salvia, blue and purple Cornflowers, pink Lavateras, and yellow spiked Calendulas. And I have lots of spaces ready and waiting in the garden for them. At the moment forget-me-not blues are fluffing up everywhere. When these little pretties are over there'll be even more gaps.

Still flowering!

Guess what is still flowering? The Rosemary in the Herb Spiral, and the big pink rhododendron, which the dogs and I walk past at least ten times a day on our garden walks.

So September started with the Camellias. And right at its end, two rather special things (for me, anyway) are in flower. The Weeping Silver Pear trees in the orchard are just beginning to blossom. And the Trillium clumps - one white, one red. Nothing fancy (no doubles) but never-the-less they're much loved.

 Wish they would fatten up a bit...

When I think back, so many lovely, colourful things happened in September - pink and white blossom, bright red and pink Camellias, sun-yellow daffodils - and, of course, my BIG birthday (Non-Gardening Partner bought me an electric chainsaw and I still haven't tried it out). The lawns have gone nicely green (don't peep too close - that grass is pretty weedy).


Thanks September, for bringing me such garden joy. See you again next year!