Keeping promises

Phew! Have done lots of great garden work these last few days. Dear garden, I promise I will always look after you, as we age gracefully (or disgracefully) together. Important to keep one's promises, it is. Even if one makes them one day and delivers the next?

Friday 20th September

Yeay! It's Barking Friday! JS Bach's 'Musical Offering' here I come. Non-Gardening Partner has taken the day off, and is bringing his violin. Have picked some daffodils for my flute player and taken photographs of spring things. Small note : there is a reason why so many of my daffodil photographs show solo flowers. Wonder why that is? The gardener not looking after them after they've flowered, maybe?

Much, much later...

I've gardened all afternoon. So what have I done? Bitzers! Bits of this and bits of that. Then a friend arrived with a load of unwanted dahlias. She says they don't need staking, which is just as well. Welcome to my stake-free windy garden, I say! Am so proud of myself - I planted them straight away in the Hump between the new roses. I also gave the white Camellia Mansize a bag of horse manure. Had to crawl in on my tummy to reach his trunk - got quite grubby. Then I spread more newspaper and manure on my new Pond Paddock Garden.

 My new Pond Paddock Garden.
Almost Finished

I finished the day by dragging out six load of hedge trimmings and burning them. My least favourite garden task, this, but I have promised to 'get rid of' the mess before there's even a hint of summer.

Saturday 21st September

Have been spreading horse manure and mulch for two hours. Just finished 'doing' the Wattle Woods Camellias. Also have the hoses on, first time this watering season. Will crank up the bonfire later. It's such a lovely spring day, don't want to spoil the atmosphere, so to speak.

 In the Pond Paddock Garden
Gay Baby Camellias

Back I go to do some more plodding with wheelbarrow, my new best gardening friend. And so polite (apart from tipping over when I lose my balance). Wheelbarrows don't bark rudely in your face (Pebbles the dog) or leap up your legs (Fred the cat).


I did nearly three hours of bonfiring hedge trimmings, hedge trimmings, and more hedge trimmings. And I gave Plantation Pink, Tinsie, and Jury's Yellow Camellias behind the garage some horse manure. So I am getting there, where-ever 'there' actually is. Rewards : have just been on a Youtube train in Norway, enjoying some wonderful scenery. A lovely way to finish a busy day, with my cottage less than a minute away. My electric blanket is on, and New Zealand plays its first match of the Rugby World Cup later tonight, commentary on the radio. Yeay!