Beating the weather

 Into the orchard we go.
Pebbles in the Gate

Ha ha, nasty wind and rain, you can't catch me out! Snow to 100 meters? I don't think so! Not in spring. And definitely not in my garden, thank you very much. Funny how people become so indignant when the forecasters get it wrong. I'd much rather have a weather warning that comes to nothing.

Wednesday 25th September

Eek! A nasty cold snap was due to arrive late this afternoon - but I was weather-wise. I started work really early, and did five hours of good weeding and trimming edges in the gardens over the water race. After each hour I'd take Winnie and Pebbles for a walk around the orchard - there's a well-trodden path through the grass now.

It's part of my new plan to be nicer to my dogs. On gardening days we go for a dog-walk every hour. That way none of us gets bored, yes? And I get a wee break from weeding, which seems to all I've been doing these last weeks.

 One of my Fred cats.
Black Fred in the Grass

Always, when we head off through the orchard gate, there are desperate cries of 'wait for meeeeeee'! One of the Fred cats wants to come with us. I'm never sure which one, but I think that Red Fred has the noisier cry.

 Waiting for us to go walking.
Red Fred in the Garden

In the paddock next to the orchard, our lone surviving lamb is wearing a woolly lamb suit, ready for the nasty weather. Mother ewe is thick with wool and won't notice the drop in temperature, or the cold rain. I'm still a bit lamb-nervous - hope everything stays on the right track for this little one.

Perfect timing!

And would you believe it? Perfect timing. Needed to come inside and get ready for my early evening music rehearsal, and pouff! Down came the rain. So suddenly, so cold. In came the Fred cats. The skies turned an ominous dark grey. It's even been thundering, which the dogs find puzzling (but not, thankfully, frightening). So we are all snug inside, the log-burner is going


Drove home from a singing rehearsal in spectacular horizontal sleet. Like driving through tiny silver arrows. But my friend up country (just a little) from me has snow. Hmm... Better be careful not to tempt fate.

Here's hoping that there's some blossom still up there on the cherry trees, and there aren't too many soggy, floppy daffodils.