Big mess...

 Another Phormium down.
More Mess

I do a big clean up somewhere. I'm a bit tired, so I leave the mess behind. Next day - big mess. Aargh! Finally I shift the mess to where-ever it needs to go. Then I dive back in and make more mess. The Never-Ending Story of Big Mess, hee hee.

Saturday 13th January

Today the heat continues, so I'll be working in the water race in the shade. I've found more things to trim and chop down - another species Phormium tenax, plus more overgrown green Carexes.

To be fair I haven't done one of these uber-trims for a while. But first of all I have to cart yesterday's mess over to the dumping place by the fence-line. Oh yes...

Four hours later...

So another Phormium is down (deconstructed). Most of my mess is cleared up. Not bad, not bad.

Sunday 14th January

Tried to sleep in after a too-hot night, woken up by noisy gusts of nor-west wind. Walked slowly over to the house, crashing through huge pieces of gum bark (strewn all over the Pond Paddock). Aargh!

Mustn't dwell on the mess too much. There are some very beautiful things in the garden - dayliles, roses, lilies... But I need to do a Pond Paddock clean-up. Blast this wind - it's intrusive and aggressive.

Much later...

Another hot day filled with big gardening and big mess. While there was cloud cover I cleared two barrowfuls of mess from the Island Bed and the house patio. And I cleaned up! Then I planted some new lettuces in pots, watered the tomatoes, and harvested the potatoes.

Into the pond...

Non-Gardening Partner had to go into the pond to put a new screen on the intake pipe. Brave chap, diving down over a metre into the gloomy depths. The dogs watched him, not particularly interested, while I picked up gum bark and cleared around the edge of the Pond Paddock's foliage garden.

Pond Paddock Garden

Everything instantly looked OK (it's an illusion). But at least I carted off all my mess and dumped it by the Pump House. Yeay!

Here comes the sun...

By now the sun had come back (not strictly true - it was up there all the time, hee hee). Went into the water race for the last couple of hours, sliced down coarse green Carexes, uncovered a couple of patches of Hostas. Oops. The Carexes had grown so big and bushy they were blocking the view of the water.

 Visible again!
The Water Race

Hearing running water in a garden is lovely, but seeing it is just as important. A garden should involves all the senses, right? For the record I left all this mess on the lawn. Nobody likes a gardener who is too perfect.

The big irrigation...

The day ended with more water. Yeay for the big irrigation soaking the house gardens and Speckles the stray cat arriving wet (oops) and hungry for his dinner. He was even moderately smoochy.