Of course I grow hostas in the Moosey Garden. They are considered by many to be the top foliage plants in the whole gardening universe. Serious gardeners know the names and the lineage of their hostas. Oops.

My Very First Hosta

Hmm... My very first hosta was a species variegated patch that I found, dumped, in rough land by the river. I rescued it and planted it by the pond. A few years later I split it up and put clumps in different shady gardens. Humble beginnings...

My methods of acquiring hostas have been rather random - mail order assortments, sale price pots without labels, bags of pieces from gardening friends. I've always had an eye for a hosta bargain - particularly out of season when the leaves are tatty and the flowers gone.

 I do love the different variegations.
Favourite Hostas

I've put together some photographs to celebrate my favourites. You'll see textures, and variegations, but nowhere will you see a name. Sorry about that!