Happy New Year for 2024

A brand new year to have lots of garden fun in. To make (and break?) gardening resolutions. To work hard and enjoy the results. All the best in our gardens for 2024.

 From me, the garden, and the cats and dogs.
Happy new Year for 2024

To start 2024 there are four beautifully behaved, loving, companionable cats in the house and garden at Mooseys - the two tabby Freds, black Buster, and little grey Minimus. I'm still feeding Speckles the stray mackerel tabby, whose favourite greeting is 'hisssssssss'. The two Border Collies, Winnie and Pebbles, are still barking mad - two happy country dogs with very dodgy dog-manners. Non-Gardening Partner is still behaving - lawn mowing, chain-sawing, fixing the pumps, helping me with the garden and so on. We are all hoping that 2024 will be gentle and kind and the world will become a better place for everyone.