2024 Dogs Day Out

I've taken one day off from gardening - just one. We've had our New Years Dogs' Day Out, with dogs, babies, small people and wonderful others to talk to and have fun with. I've floated around smiling, eating, ignoring the garden mess. Non-Gardening Partner had mowed all the lawns just before the visitors arrived, so all my borders looked beautiful (from a distance, anyway).

 Having fun.
In the Pond

It was a hot and watery day, with the small people and dogs leaping into the pond, the baby splashing in his paddling pool in the shade. All water features in the garden were much appreciated. And the lawns were free of clover, so there would be (hopefully) no accidental bee stings.

 Escher and WInnie on a bridge.
Checking the Water

The small people (wet-suited for Gunnera protection) and the dogs had fun running the obstacle course. They all sloshed down the water race, in and out of the Gunnera, underneath the bridges, and so on, while the adults kept pace along the lawn, just in case. Someone would possibly need help.

 The brown dogs.
In the water race

Escher was stuck!

At one stage there were cries of alarm - big brown Escher was stuck in a particularly thick Gunnera patch. Oops! I was ready to bravely slither in to the rescue. But the small people sorted it - they pushed some Gunnera stalks under the water, gave him a gentle push and all was well. Oh dear!

Next day...

No beautiful brown dogs, no lovely distractions - back to gardening reality. All the cats are happy, back in the house - it's business as usual. Only one day absent from my garden, and it looks more like one month of neglect out there. No, make that one year. How on earth does that happen?

All in the mind...

It's all in the mind, I tell myself, as I wash the towels and empty the paddling pool. It must be.