A weekend wish...

It's the weekend, the perfect time for doing some chain-sawing - namely, bringing down the huge Pittosporum by the Koru courtyard. Have suggested this, but Non-Gardening Partner (recovering from Covid) has just snorted at me from his chair. Not quite the response I was after. So I am off outside alone, with the rake (and shovel, broom, loppers, hand diggers, bread-knife, and so on) for company. At least I can clean up the courtyard. It is threatening to drizzle on me. Bah! Am not interested.

 A beautiful ornamental grass.
Miscanthus Seed-heads

My biggest decision (apart from removing that huge Pittosporum) concerns the brick path which lead into the courtyard - will it need re-aligning? The deciduous Azaleas have spread out and are almost blocking access. Hmm... Shrubs grow. I knew this, back in the day but it didn't stop me laying the path rather close.

Ooh goodie!

Ooh goodie! We have lift-off! NGP has just asked where the Pittosorum is. This is a good start for my weekend plans. Hee hee.

Four hours later...

I have good and bad news. First, the good. The brick path didn't need shifting - I dug out some floppy overhanging Agapanthus instead and trimmed a couple of tiny variegated shrubs which were going nowhere. I also shifted out a self-sown green Phormium. Plenty of room! Then I cut down nearby small seedling trees, collected up all the leaves, and swept the dirt back into the surrounding garden. Looks great! Phew!

 A few weeds between the bricks...
The Courtyard is Swept

But I wasn't quite finished. My attention then turned to the next piece of garden, leading to the water race. Deconstructed a large Phormium which was flopping over and coming to pieces. Trimmed untidy ferns which were growing everywhere. Dragged out four barrowfuls of this mess and took it to the bonfire. Was able to rescue some smaller shoots of the Phormium for replanting. It started life as a Yellow Wave hybrid, but all its leaves had reverted to plain green.

 The Pittospurum to be felled is on the right.
Sitting by the brick path with my dog

The bad news? NGP turned up with the dogs, muttered about the size of the Pittosporum, then promptly disappeared. Late in the day he came back, confessing he didn't really feel like sawing the tree down today, but that he could see why I wanted it gone. AMAZING! So I got him to take some photographs, as one does. The tree felling will keep until tomorrow, yes? After all, there are two distinct days in a weekend.