Such a trickster!

Am sulking. Covid has ripped through one of my choirs and, alas, I have tested positive for it. Blast those pesky sopranos! No - just kidding, honestly! I thought I was being oh so careful, masking, distancing... Such a trickster virus. So this morning in order to sulk properly I took myself back to my bed in the house, ignored my book, pulled the eiderdown up around my head and thought about my cats. Went happily off to sleep.

Self-isolation for the next seven days - no swimming, no cafes, no musical activities. No Mother's Day (but that's been rescheduled). No shopping (but I don't really go shopping anyway). Just me, my dogs and my cats, Non-Gardening Partner who is back working from home, and my garden. No excuse not to do loads of gardening.

Snoozing Bee on Dahlia

Friday 6th March - Covid Day Two

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, and still hovering around the edges of a sulk. But I did some gardening. Yeay! Over an hour weeding in the Hump Garden and trimming Dahlias. Dug out a silly miniature rose which was going nowhere (now it's going somewhere, on the bonfire, oops). Had to dodge the spikey self-sown Prunus.

Then retired back to bed with my books and tissues. Rested and dozed, feeling lazy and happy, and thought (again) about how much I love my cats. Like silly Speckles, who is fast turning into the smoochiest cat ever. Though he might try to stop hissing when he first sees me - must work on that.

Covid Day Three

I weeded in the Allotment Garden, then cleaned up from yesterday while NGP sawed down and shredded the spikey Prunus tree. This virus is - ahem - interesting. It knocks out my energy rather more than I'm used to. I only garden for an hour and a half, then slink back into the house and go back to bed. Hopeless!

 The perfect autumn colour!
Autumn Dahlia

Covid Day Four

This virus could become very tedious. Again, went back to bed this morning after washing my hair. After lunch, decided to jolly well do some serious gardening. Chopped out a huge Phormium, took it to pieces, dumped burnable stuff on the bonfire, the rest in the bin (doesn't decompose for decades). Then thought I should be sensible, so sat in a chair and read my book.

Covid Day Five

Annoying virus! Have just got up, head fuzzy with sludge after a poor night's sleep. Have been for a walk with the dogs - autumn is finishing now, as more and more leaves fall off the trees. Going to have a shower and then go back to bed.

And annoying Speckles! How many bowls of food does one cat think constitutes a decent meal? There he was all night, camped out on the cottage door-mat, waiting for more. I'd open the door to the oddest sound - a blended hiss and miaow.

 On the cottage verandah!
Speckles Snoozing

And even more annoying - this blow by blow description of my recovery from Covid! Aargh! Sooooo sorry about all this. The novelty will wear off? Please?


First I organised a kind friend to drop off a bag of assorted cat food - tins and pouches, mainly to tempt Minimus (who has turned into a picky eater).

 Love you, Minimus.
Minimus on the Cottage Garden

Then had a snuggly morning snooze. Woke up unfuzzy and alert, keen to do some gardening. But, alas, was horribly out of sync with the gardening weather. Happily raking up leaves in the Pond Paddock and bagging them, loads of energy and resolve, and down came the rain. Blast!

Three really good things :

I think I'll declare this first Covid journal page closed for now. Enjoy the late autumn photographs.