The perfect go-to garden activity...

This Path Has Been Weeded

What to do today? Am officially allowed out of self-isolation. Aha! I know just the thing. Weeding, that perfect go-to gardening activity, with a variety of styles to complement all moods : from gentle scratching to rough and tough attacking. That's settled then.

Later, mid-afternoon...

So I've done some gentle weeding by the water race, soothed by the burbling water noises as the huge Gunnera leaves swish to and fro. Garden fact : there is always weeding. Garden advice : When in doubt, do some weeding.

I've also dug out some misplaced Dahlias, planning to replant them by the Herb Spiral. Not a good idea - the ground was still frosty. So they're in boxes in the glass-house. I've also had a long reluctant bonfire (both me and the vegetation). Collected lots of dry gum leaves for encouragement. Poked and prodded for ages.

Am not feeling very perky, though. This morning I found Speckles the stray curled up in the paddock by the fence-line. He didn't look well. Can't do a thing (can't handle him to take him to the vet). Have been worrying. Minimus my cottage cat, on the other hand, has been strutting around, thoroughly enjoying having her cottage verandah all to herself.

 Lots of leaf fall.
Autumn in the Dog-Path Garden

Have run out of physical library books (going to start one online in a minute). Washed my hair, but have run out of conditioner, so it's really tangled. To cheer self up have mail-ordered one hundred daffodil bulbs.

Friday 13th May

Oh boy. Remind myself that Speckles the stray cat comes to me on his terms, when he chooses to. I am not his owner. When I checked this morning he was again hunkered down in the frosty shade by the fence. This just may be what he does, well or unwell. I am used to cats who travel around the house and garden in winter seeking the sunshine.

 A rather fat cat now.

Books and Conditioner!

So the plan today is to get over Speckles and do my best in the garden. But first, a bit of personal excitement. I am allowing myself out to shop for groceries and go to the local library. Aha! Conditioner and real books! And what about stopping at a cafe for something lunch-yummy? Great idea!

Later, early afternoon...

What an invigorating morning! The fridge is full, I have a bag full of books, Speckles the cat has left his paddock nest (which may or may not be a good thing), and Minimus has had a good lunch (go Minimus!). I've even brought home some chocolate for NGP (who is on his second week of self-isolation and getting bored). And now, more weeding.


I've done really well, weeding from Willow Bridge along the edge of the Dog-Path Garden. Have arrived at the Koru brick courtyard in the trees, and see that the garden surrounding it needs attention. A large Pittosporum needs to be chain-sawed down. And now for the million dollar question - do NGPs who are at home self-isolating (recovering from Covid) do chain-sawing? Surely yes? After all, tomorrow is the start of the weekend...