Have just raked up three bags of nicely damp autumn leaves from the Pond Paddock. Didn't I do this yesterday? And the day before? Yes, but not before breakfast! I think my recovery from catching Covid might have kicked in.

 On the cottage verandah.
Early Morning Selfie

It's Wednesday 11th May, Covid Day Seven, high time that I wrote my first Covid Gardening List. Actually, a batch of mini-lists. Nothing too strenuous, please.

Digging out things :

Doing Stuff to Paths :

Trimming Stuff :

General Garden Work :

Aha! Finishing exactly where I started this page. Wish me luck! Doesn't look too scary...

 An Australian shrub.
Grevillia - Flowering Now

Nearly lunchtime...

Yeay! The first morning when I've got past 10:30am without going back to bed. Definitely on the mend? Oh yes, mentally. And, what's more, I've been busy on the garden. Have already ticked off quite a few of the items on my list. Forty minutes to go before the bread is cooked, so will return for session number two. It is an absolute joy to have energy back for gardening.


Oh dear. There I was feeling on top of the world, trimming and shifting Dahlias in the Hump Garden, when Non-Gardening Partner arrived holding his daily Covid test. Positive. He's caught it off me. Blast! That'll teach me for being so sure of myself.

Late Afternoon...

Yeay! Have made it! Gardened all day without needing a bed-time snooze. My first Covid day with an un-fuzzy head. The power of a good gardening list! Score : six and a half ticks out of a possible eight. Not bad, not bad...

 Such a pretty colour.

Thinking it through, the reason for today's success was the clarity, I reckon, embedded in those discrete sub-lists which made up the uber-list...