Winter at the gate...

Planting daffodils, digging out Alstroemeria, and buying merino wool socks - the story of my week! With rather talkative hips and knees joining in, oops. And winter at the gate, waiting to be let into the house and garden.

 The driveway trees are almost bare.
Nearly WInter!

Saturday 20th May

Ha! Today I went outside in the light drizzle and planted one hundred mixed (and very disappointing) daffodils along the driveway. I reckon fifteen at least were dried up and dead. I also scooped forget-me-nots off the drive and laid them carefully in the garden. Waste not want not. A rather muddy, wintry afternoon.

Sunday 21st

Today I did an energetic second digging of the Island Bed, trying to remove all the pieces of Alstroemeria roots left behind after the first dig. I also tried some chemical squirting on another patch of leafy ones. I worked really hard for four hours. Also planted the rest of my new daffodils (big fatty bulbs, these - think they are yellow trumpets).

No comment on the old knees and hips after alternately kneeling and digging for over four hours. I know, I know. I don't learn.


Right. Feeling optimistic, I have just Googled 'How to get rid of Alstroemeria'. Interesting. Three methods :

  1. Removal of all the roots - best done in Autumn. Well, it is late autumn...
  2. Weed killer. I'm doing that as well. Shush...
  3. Laying down black polythene and leaving it for at least three months. Maybe not.
 Spreading in the side of the Island Bed.
Orange Alstroemeria

I must be patient as the Alstroemeria plant may never disappear entirely. Hmm...

Tuesday 23rd May

Took myself swimming yesterday to help the legs, knees, and hips. Then bought some incredibly expensive smart wool socks at a sale, came home and ordered heaps of merino socks online for me and my family. It must be winter.

More daffodil planting

And today I am off to plant some daffodils in my friend's garden. Will add a line of green Mondo grass along the side of her entrance path. Planting daffodils is much nicer than digging.

Wednesday 24th May

Good morning Wednesday. Have just had compulsory socialisation and first cup of tea with Mister Speckles on the cottage verandah. He smooched and bunted me, back and forth, and rubbed his nose over my hands.

 With three of his food bowls!

Awww - he loves me? He loves having a full tummy! His tail always touches my body, just in case I transform into something scary when he isn't concentrating. Silly cat!

Now I'm off for a swim (bless my aching knee), then a chamber music session, then I will re-engage with my winter gardening self.

 Waiting for action.
Winnie the Dog

Much later...

What a legend! Spent over two hours weeding and trimming dahlias in the Hump Garden. I raked up the Wisteria leaves from the patio and spread them in the lower Hump Garden by my new path (which is still passable and weed-free). Now the log-burner is going, my hair is washed, my fingernails neatly trimmed and clean, and I am going to play my piano. Yeay! A day full of lovely variety, with salmon and cheesy potatoes for dinner. What more?

More socks!

Oops - I wore my new forty dollar smart-wool hiking socks in the garden. Naughty! And more socks are in the post. Hee hee. Winter socks means it's definitely winter.