Not impressed...

 By the ferns.

Am not impressed with this it's-nearly-winter moochy mood I'm in. So every day I must do something outdoorsy, even if it's frigidly cold or wet. Even if it's just walking the dogs. Only then I can give myself a tick for the day.

And getting at least one tick every day is the plan for the whole of winter. I am writing them in a notebook, hee hee. Tickable tasks include collecting bags of pine cones, cleaning up the glasshouse, planting up some pots of daffodils, or bagging up leaves. Or actual gardening, of course, if it's not too wet and horrible.

Today I get two ticks for dragging my bottom along the soaking lawn grass and weeding by Willow Bridge. One full barrow load of mess has been dumped underneath the hedge. I am slowly working my way around to where the wasp nest was. I say 'was' with complete confidence. I think!

 Very late to flower.
John Clare Roses

And the rose John Clare gets a tick for being so beautifully pink this late in the rose flowering season. The dogs and I pass him on our walks.

More daffodil bulbs...

I've got more daffodil bulbs to plant. Oops - ordered a hundred mixed ones online, then today was given some more. Am going to plant some in the Island Bed - facing the spring sunlight, so I'll see their faces.

Winter Berries

Thursday 18th May

Ballet this morning (was very wobbly, but happy), then gardening this afternoon. Spent over two hours spent digging out more Alstroemeria roots and throwing Winnie's tennis ball. I get two ticks.

 The Island Bed.
After Two Days Digging

Friday 19th May

It's been raining all day. So I've taken the dogs for four walks and I've collected a barrow load of firewood from the woodshed. Hmm... Half a tick? I'm OK with that.