Yippee for Non-Gardening Partner! He has done some chain-sawing in the garden area where the Hump Garden meets the Shrubbery. He's deconstructed six or seven large scruffy Pittosporums, and a huge Ake Ake. It makes such a difference to this rather overgrown shrubby area - everything looks lighter, and much tidier. He can't see it, but I can.

 Just a small bit of it!
Pittosporum Mess

The remaining tree trunks jump out of the texture (visually, I mean). And - oops - the increased airspace makes the green Phormiums look even bigger than usual. But that's really nice! Yes?

 Been flowering for a while now.
Periwinkle Blues

Now, if I want to (hee hee), I could increase the side of the Hump Garden just a little, because there are no silly self-sown Pittosporums blocking the sun.

Paths through the Periwinkle...

And maybe, just maybe my silliest idea yet - I could create a cute little path through the periwinkle to join up with the path I've just cleared.

Now I know from experience that paths through periwinkle need clearing every three weeks to remain visible, and busy country gardeners with (usually) new roses on their mind just don't do this.

But hey! I'm allowed to dream. And maybe, eventually, when I am long gone, periwinkle will rage unchecked over the plains of Canterbury, and people will marvel at the pretty blue flowers and say out loud : 'I wonder how this all started?'

Back down to earth and the living moment, all those pieces of tree lying on the lawn and in the garden will take me ages to process. Smaller branches will go in piles to be shredded, logs will be dumped up by the Stables (next winter's firewood), scrappy stuff will be trundled over to the bonfire.

 Two other Phormiums which are spreading over the lawn.
Green Phormiums, Purple Bench

The green Phormium (I think it's the variety Yellow Wave) at the lawn edge of the wee path needs dealing to. It's breaking apart - individual fans are falling over, making it look flattened. Time it was broken up, divided, and replanted in some pots? Or just chopped down and left to re-sprout?

 Wine red Hollyhock and Rugosa rose leaves in the Hump Garden - a delightful pair.
Early Winter Colours

Enough of all this deep and meaningful stuff. I have a singing gig at the local Folk Club to mentally prepare for. I need to find my saffron paisley fat-trousers. Oh yes. It really is possible to look retro-stylish in older age. Tra la la!