Which Fred?

 Waiting for the sun.
Fred on the Patio Table

Dear Fred. Dear other Fred. Two lovely big boy cats, turning into winter house cats, easily found hanging around near the house. And appearing in the garden when the sun's out. So which is which? Have to pat their heads to find out. At the moment Red Fred has the nickname 'Scab-Head Fred'. Wonder why?

Saturday 5th August

Such a good feeling, cleaning up mess that's been hanging around for a few days. Oops - a few weeks. The Apple Tree trimmings are finally processed, the scrappy bits burnt. Time to go spend that voucher and buy some new plants?

Question : How focused does one need to be to spend a voucher? Because I have lost touch with all my previous spending ideas (i.e. I have lost my paper list).

New Camellias? New Azaleas? My last purchases of Azaleas did not do too well.

 Flowering now in the Island Bed.
Big Pink Azalea

One apple tree left...

There's now only one apple tree left in the Apple Tree Border, and I've 'pruned' it. May or may not have done this properly. Also started pruning the Hydrangeas along the edge, took some cuttings to make new plants. Shifted out the wooden Obelisk - it's going into the Hump to have beans and sweet peas grow up it in spring and summer.

Trimmed all the Aconites, the Miscanthus Zebrinus, and the Cream Delight Phormium. Raked and nipped and lopped - have three bags full of short apple tree branches, kindling for next winter.

Phew! Lots of achievements up there, well deserving of a hot shower and a glass of non-Alcoholic Merlot.

Sunday 6th August

Eek! Woke up to a power outage. And naturally all the things I wanted to do required power : washing yesterday's smoky gardening clothes, starting a loaf in the bread-maker, making a pot of tea...

Tra la la Schubert

Went into town to sing Schubert (a composer of very pretty melodies), then zoomed home. Power was restored! Only had three hours of relative warmth in which to achieve something in the garden. So I pulled and scraped out weeds in the Hump Garden. Very messy work, a bit dodgy for my cut finger. Placed the Obelisk in its new place. Said hello to Tiger the dearly departed cat - at this time of year her Polyanthus burst into flower.

Obelisk in the Hump

Managed to keep the finger clean and almost out of trouble. Glad I don't have to play the piano in the coming days. Will have a shower and then pour a glass of non-alcohol Shiraz. Woo-hoo! Will read my book on the couch in front of the wood-burner. Maybe help Fred clean up the top of his head a bit. Oops. Too much information.