Sorry dogs...

Sorry dogs. I'm off out again today, can't be helped, am proof-reading some important university assignments, it's what I sometimes do instead of gardening and hanging out with you two. Apologetic woof...

 My gardening companion.

Will make it up to you, I promise. Seem to be limping through the second week of August with my on-again off-again gardening timetable. Oh well.

Next day...

Dear dogs, Am only available for walking around the driveway today, sorry again. Pretty boring, yes?

 Finally flowering after four years, after being shifted from my friend's garden.
Gifted Camellias

Anyway it's jolly cold, just six degrees, and there's quite a bit of snow up higher on the Port Hills. Roads over the mountain passes are semi-closed, the wind is vicious. I am wearing four merino layers, with a wool crocheted shawl around my neck.

 On her cushion.


So the dogs went in their kennels (again) and I went to my ballet class. On the way home I ducked into a huge supermarket. Gross! But it had a large shelf dedicated to zero-alcohol wines. This is my latest fad (have been alcohol free for over six years now), my reward after working hard in the garden.

Cat news...

Hopeless! Speckles the stray now keeps going AWOL for days at a time. And when he bothers to turn back up he hisses at me for food, while simultaneously smooching my leg or body. It's unnerving. Three cheers for Minimus the cottage cat, who is a proper cat, loving and loyal.

Friday 11th August

Again no sign of Speckles. So I am not going to bother leaving out any food for him. He can jolly well wait on the verandah for me, and then ask nicely. A chirpy miaow, not a hiss.

Brr... It's only two degrees! Hurry up and warm up, Friday! The plan is to clean up the Jelly Bean Border and take all the mess to the bonfire. It's one of the last garden areas that needs my attention.

Much later...

It's OK to only do three hours clearing and burning, yes? I reckon so, especially in the middle of winter. And I have thrown Winnie's tennis ball at least fifty times. Pebbles ignores me, preferring to sit over by the fence-line staring in at the neighbours. Nothing happens at the neighbours. Sad dog!

 Pebbles and Winnie
My Dogs

I've only trimmed and picked up the obvious mess - didn't feel like sitting in the dirt and getting a wet bottom. Mainly Viburnum suckers, dead Phormium leaves, dead bits of Azalea (the new ones I planted in here haven't done well), and the usual fallen branches from overhead trees. The greenery in here is by and large natural and useful, and not many weeds need pulling out. It's an unkempt, scruffy look, but when the forget-me-nots start flowering it will be magical. And that will be quite soon. Woof!