A triumph?

My first August week has been a triumph. I've done lots of rose pruning, lots of Phormium trimming, lots of weeding. Lots. And I have all of August to get everything ready for spring. There are lots of days in August - I am feeling very optimistic.

Sunny Hellebores

Started my morning shivering on the cottage verandah, warming my hands on my cup of tea. I was being nice, having breakfast in the frost with Speckles the stray cat, who seemed rather oblivious to my discomfort. All I got for my care and attention were a few body-smooches. He doesn't get any tamer. A very disappointing cat, really.

A bit later...

Took dogs and one of the Fred cats for a quick walk around the drive. Still really cold out there, though the sun is shining.

 Waiting in the driveway.
Fred and Winnie

It's the reason why I write so much in winter - can't happily garden until 10:30am at the earliest. But really, really want to! Toughen up, princess!

Two hours later...

 Nearly all burnt down.
August Bonfire

Ouch! Who would have thought that the kitchen breadknife would have been so sharp! Smallish cut in tip of finger, much blood, much throbbing, much gardening distress. Being one-handed is not so efficient.

Silly finger...

Have been working in the Herb Spiral. Cleared out a compartment which was choked up with woody Oreganum and Chives. Collected Marigold seeds. Weeded carefully. Silly finger for getting in the way! Silly me for slicing into it! Two plasters...

Three hours later...

Have done lots more weeding. Dug out three scruffy green Carexes from underneath the roses, collected more dry mess and then lit the bonfire. Threw some more apple tree trimmings on, also dead Phormium and Cordyline leaves. Whoosh! It's been flaming merrily.

 The Apple Tree mess is just to the left on the lawn.
Glass-House and Wattle Tree

Am about to wash hair etc. while attempting to keep the sore finger dry. And then - guess what The Reward de Jour is? A glass of no-alcohol Merlot. A magical flavour.