Small scale weeding...

 And bamboo.
Blue Sky, Spring Blossom, Cordyline

It's time for removing small-scale weeds - the innocuous little tiddlers which hide away under proper plants. This is quite hard on the fingers. But out they must come, and I'm not a hoe-happy gardener, preferring to get down quite close to the dirt.

So yesterday I small-scale weeded the garden near the pergola, and today I did the same along the gardens by the Stables. And honestly - there is not much one can say about small-scale weeding. Little weeds, little interest.

I did dig out a lot of unwanted ferns, and now I have to decide how to plant up the garden behind the Stables. Suspect it wants to be shrubby.

Finished my day spreading more bags of horse manure (and so adding a whole new lot of little weed seedlings, no doubt). Then I lit the bonfire and burnt all the mess. Worked for four hours, and that surely must mean I've made some progress? Trouble is that small scale things give rather less satisfaction than larger ones. Hmm...

Am now going to have a no-alcohol wine, slosh on some hand cream, and have a gentle think about big and small. Another strange thing - four hours of small-scale gardening is just as tiring as four hours of big stuff.

 In  a pot by the garage.
Red Daisies

Next day...

More small stuff, weeding around the dog kennels. Enjoying the new Lavenders which are starting to flower. Found a few rogue patches of Oxalis - gave them the secret squirty treatment. Pulled loads of dry mess (gum bark, mainly) from off the garden. Decided that the dogs might like a few more Lavender plants.

 Escher the big brown dog still has his kennel here, on the left.
The Back of the Dog Kennels

Tuesday 29th August

More removing of little weeds. I also dug up some miniature Agapanthus clumps, divided them, and replanted them along the stone edge by the kennels. Lots of dragging of self along on self's bottom, amidst worrisome whiffs of dog-toilet smells. Kept checking hands and bottom of shoes, oops. And jeans bottom, just in case. Managed to avoid contact.

Wednesday 30th August

I had the day off from my garden, mainly to give my hands and fingers a break. I went swimming and then went to chamber music. Lots of fun. Then I came home and read my book in the sun. The book wasn't really all that good, but lounging around in the sun was wonderful.