Some polyanthus colours are subtle, while others are as gaudy as the colours of felt pens. I grow different coloured polyanthus to brighten up the house gardens in winter. They're brilliant in pots, and seem to last for ages.

 I grow patches of this colour in the house garden.
Lemon Yellow Polyanthus

My polyanthus plants take up a different residence when summer heats up. I hide their pots behind the glass-house, underneath the table in the shade.

 Pretty lemon colours.
Winter Polyanthus Flowers

I pop them back out in autumn, by which time I've forgotten their flower colours. So the following winter brings me a new set of surprises.

 All colours, all styles!
Pretty Polyanthus Flowers

Some years white, pale yellow and blue are my favourites. Then I'll gravitate to the warmer colours, particularly scarlet. Then I decide that pink polyanthus flowers look oh so pretty...

 In a pot by the back door.
Blue and White Polyanthus

Spoilt For Choice

These days a gardener is spoilt for choice, with many varied hybrids available cheaply in the nurseries. And all too soon they find themselves on the sale table, so a compulsive plant rescuer on a tight budget can still scoop them up and bring them home. They also make great little winter presents. That's a hint? Hmm...

Humble, Colourful

Polyanthus are humble little perennials, with beautiful green foliage. Their bright, gaudy colours and patterns can be ridiculed by stylish gardeners. But that's pretty silly, really.

Winter Colour

Colour in the depths of winter is so cheerful - the brighter the better, I reckon. And the plants in their pots can be well protected. Enjoy!