Inspirational or unrewarding?

Good morning to my garden, to my cats and dogs, and to my bonfire. Am going swimming, and when I get back we can all work on our relationships with each other. Some are inspirational, others a little unrewarding...

 Am slowly raking and removing these.
Trimmings to Clean Up

The word 'unrewarding' applies to my bonfire. Our relationship is not the best at the moment, with lots of hedge trimmings and gum tree branches to burn. Oh well. I guess it's better to have to do something than to have nothing to do.

But my relationship with my spring garden is as wonderful as ever. The colours of the spring shrubs are amazing. Lush greenery, huge deciduous trees starting to get their leaves, hosts of forget-me-nots everywhere. Oops - most of the Pond Paddock has lost its grass thanks to these little pretties. And more blossom appearing in the orchard - mustn't forget to ckeep and eye on the weeping Silver Pear trees.

Speckles :
Have been feeding Speckles for nearly three years.

Which brings me to Speckles the Stray : I haven't sighted him for over two weeks, though he swings by the cottage verandah each night to eat his food and drink his milk. Well, something does, and none of the other cats like milk. What an unrewarding (though presumably well-fed) cat he has turned into.

Where's Wilson?

My relationship with my dogs continues to entertain, if not inspire me. The dogs are really great company. Winnie has learnt a new word. Her latest tennis ball bears the brand name Wilson. So 'Where's Wilson?' is the latest phrase I've taught her.

 So far she hasn't lost it.
WInnie's New Ball

But it's really been a daft day. Really cold and rainy outside - no incentive to do any gardening. Inside a power outage, for five and a half hours - too cold to stray far from the log burner. Allow me to quote myself - from yesterday!

I remind myself to do a little each day, and to be careful not to trip over anything. -Moosey words of wisdom.

Well, at least I managed the second part of that.

 My beautiful black cat.
Buster on the Patio

Thursday 28th September

Surely I can do better. Better than yesterday won't be too difficult, hee hee. It rained consistently overnight, so all the hedge trimmings will be wet as. Wet as what? Wet as wet! Anyway, I am off to my ballet class, then we'll see. We are working towards a ballet performance, on stage, in four weeks time. Woo hoo! Point those toes!


Ooops. My garden was too wet. I looked out the windows, I went for a shuffling walk around the driveway. Then I sat in the sun and read my book. It was a toss up between that and going to bed for an afternoon snooze. Oh dear.