Wonderful and weedy...

Spring continues to be wonderful, and weedy. But of course one has to take the good with the not so good. In a garden, gushing for joy can easily alternate with groaning in dismay.

Right. I am going to have a big day out gardening. Have seen what's happening - lots of green growth, roses in the Hump sprouting, lots of the cutest little weeds. I know what to do.

 In the Driveway Lawn.
Pretty Apricot Daffodils


First I am off to the library, then back home and into it. And a decision - all the roses in pots waiting to be planted need wait no more, whether they are sprouting or not. Into the Hump Garden they can go. If it is their rose fate to perish, then so be it.

Much later...

So I started off weeding in the Hump, then wandered off to get my wheelbarrow, then stopped by the water race to finish some other weeding. And that's where I stayed for nearly three hours. Didn't plant those roses.

Came inside to sit in the sun and have a short rest. Oops. Fell asleep. So that was that. The big day not so big, but most enjoyable, with beautiful spring things all around.

Trim that Phormium!

Have identified another large green Phormium which needs a severe trim. Will do that tomorrow (when I find the breadknife, mislaid somewhere in the garden). Even though my day petered out somewhat, it's still been amazing. That happens.