Zoom, vroom...

OK. Zoom! Vroom! Lightning fast, quick as a flash! I need to grab Non-Gardening Partner before he wanders off. He has promised to help me barrow and spread the path mulch, which has been sitting in the trailer, neglected, for two weeks. Then I can send him off to get another load, hee hee.

 Photograph of the house through the Pink Flowering Kanzan Cherry Tree.
The Dogs Are Waiting

Finding it really hard to be consistent. These last days I have been sidetracked with weeding (trying to pull out the Shepherd's Needles before the seeds fly up and everywhere). And the seedling production in the glasshouse is now ramping up. Aargh! So many things to do. And all needing to be done at once? Well, sort of!


Shifted ten loads of mulch, raked them onto the Hump Garden paths. What a great look this is! Proper paths, paths which look like paths, with well-defined edges and a well-defined surface. NGP escaped me, but rather cleverly - he started vacuuming the downstairs of the house. One simply cannot interrupt a bloke doing the housework.

 Small pink flowers, huge shrubs.
Gay Baby Camellias

More ballet rehearsals...

Then I raced off to another ballet rehearsal. I am dancing in a performance at the end of October. Oh joy! I think I have learnt the sequence of steps, then I wobble an arabesque, or put the wrong arm up, and aargh! I fall off the back of the ballet bus. It's exactly like my gardening - my good intentions easily come unstuck. Trouble is, I think I can always be my best at everything I do, and sometimes, sadly, this isn't the case!

Preparation and commitment...

Ballet, like gardening, requires thoughtful, consistent preparation. And commitment! Oh joy!

Sunday 9th October

Blast. Was wide awake in the middle of the night trying to remember the dance steps. Was it first or second arabesque? Right foot or left? Bed-dancing - hopeless. Meanwhile one of the Fred cats raided Speckles the cat's evening meal.

Have come home from singing with my Catholic choir, intending to work really hard. So far, so good. I've done more weeding, almost emptied the trailer of mulch, and spread the last bags of horse manure. I've planted the last of the pink dahlias, plus a recycled pink rose called Auckland Metro.

 With dog models Winnie and Pebbles.
Spring 2022 - The Hump Garden Paths are Mulched

Have popped a non-alcohol beer in the freezer - that gives me half an hour to finish the mulching. Zoom vroom again! The wind is hot, hot, hot. That beer will be brilliant.