Keeping a gardening journal...

The delights of keeping a regular gardening journal : today I told myself if I'd done enough work that I had something to write about, then I could finish up. What an excuse! Then I decided I could stop work anyway and just write about the dogs and the cats, hee hee.

 Dear dog, dear cat.
Winnie and Fred

All afternoon, in between barrowing loads of mulch and weeding by the water race, I've been throwing Winnie's tennis ball. She races round to retrieve it, then drops it neatly in my wheelbarrow (so thoughtful). She has lost a couple, though. Dog-brain 'puts ball down' to have a drink of water from the water race. Ball then (naturally) bobs off downstream through the Gunnera. Aargh! Winnie, your ball is lost! So she brings me another one.

Cat News...

 Have been feeding him for one year.
Speckles - October 2022

Now for some cat news. Speckles the stray is up to his old tricks - some nights I see him, some nights I don't. Would appreciate some consistency. Black Fred has finished his course of antibiotics for his urinary infection. Buster and Minimus have been going about their normal business - Buster keeps peeping in the house doors, then dancing off when I go to open up for her. Minimus, not so active, snoozes on the cottage verandah and watches the world go by.

Fred Versus Fred...

A most amusing Fred altercation at daybreak this morning. One Fred guarding a corner of the pond path, brother Fred inches away standing in the pond, water up to his tummy, surrounded by fishing gnomes. Both wailing and howling, tails huge and bushy, backs fluffed out, neither moving. Actually, Lower Fred's only chance of escape was to swim for it. Oh dear. Enter sleepy Mother Cat in white cotton nightie and shawl, wielding a stout stick. Upper Fred slunk off slowly into the greenery. Lower Fred got out of the water and vigorously shook out his wet legs. The stout stick stayed in position until there was a large gap between the two cats. Phew! Situation defused, no injuries, collective cat-pride somewhat restored. The Mother Cat went back to bed.

 Silly cat!
Red Fred and the Reading Gnomes

Later... So Speckles did turn up for his supper. And so did one of the Freds - spied him sitting on the Gnomes Reading Stump by the pond, scoping out the cottage. Zoomed back to the house for the camera, and luckily he was still there when I returned. As was Speckles, sitting nonchalantly on the cottage doormat, not bothered.

 Five lovely furry friends...
Cats October 2022

Have created a catty montage for October 2022. Have separated the Freds, just in case. And Speckles has been included, though he'd jolly well better start turning up regularly for his meals. Miaow!