On a dandelion flower.
Dear Bumble Bee

This week could be interesting, weather-wise. In theory, I am going to be an intrepid, cold-weather gardener. But the cold wind may see me scuttling for the warmth of the house. I'm not so brave in blustering southerly winds. And I am not interested in any snow, thank you very much.

Today I have a great excuse for not gardening - have two mini-humans spending the day with me, to the delight of Winnie the dog (she adores her personal ball-thrower). But I will do a bit of weeding, then we will go and visit the Fairy Door Forest - as one does.


I wish that I could get Non-Gardening Partner interested in making some fairy doors for the trees in my garden. I tried creating some using photo frames, but they just didn't look fairy-ish enough, and the glue wasn't strong enough to go outside.

 So pretty!
White Honesty

A tiny bit of weeding...

Did about half an hour weeding, clearing the path behind the pond. Love all the self-sown forget-me-nots and the swathes of honesty (mainly white) in the middle of the next border. AM so glad I scattered the seeds in there (whenever that was - honesty is biennial).

The new dark red Azaleas (so small that I can easily forget them) echoing the bright red hats of the pond's garden gnomes. My garden is a lovely place to be in, whatever the weather. If it's really nasty outside there are wonderful views from the house. And my house has lots and lots of windows (which could do with cleaning, if I get at all bored with indoors life).

Friday 7th October

Finally, after lurking inside for the next two chilly, windy days (no snow, thankfully), I've enjoyed a proper afternoon out in the garden sunshine. Multi-tasking me : weeding around the edges of the Stumpy Garden while throwing Winnie's tennis ball.

Pulled out some sad Bergenias and potted them up - probably for next spring, since they won't flower now. Cleared lots of flowery weeds from the edge of the lawn (Non-Gardening Partner, a big softie, won't mow them). Have inspected my seeds (germinated, ready to prick out) and tomatoes (growing well) in the glasshouse and watered them.

 The early cherry blossom has fallen down.
Winnie the Dog

The wind blew down lots of daffodils, but the later blossom trees managed to hold on. And the garden did get well watered. Spring has so many beautiful things to share. What's a bit of sleet and driving cold rain?

 Memorial tree for Smoocher the ginger cat.
Mount Fuji Flowering Cherry Tee