Keep safe, keep gardening...

 And grubby fingernails!
Autumn Flowers Posy

Day six of giving thanks, keeping safe, staying patient, keeping busy, and gardening. Picking flowers for the house. Enjoying the real-time company of my cats and dogs. Touching their fur - so lovely, but I've always known that.

This morning already I've already done my Silver Swans ballet session, and am now busy compiling a play-list of dribbly Chopin music for impromptu kitchen dancing, silly me. And since when have I been unable to hop? I never noticed that until now. I guess mature gardeners don't need to hop, though arabesques are handy, when pruning deep in the depths of a scrawny rose bush.


Aargh! I've been weeding in the Hump for three hours. It has been very down-to-earth weeding, industrial strength, on my knees pulling out clover and assorted thistles . It has been horrible, and I have been gloveless - pretty silly, this. My hands feel very rough and worn. Sorry about using the word 'horrible' - not sure where that came from! This weeding has been tough, demanding, repetitive, disheartening, non-creative, difficult, annoying... OK, OK. Horrible it has been!

Friday 27th March

Normally (ha ha) on Friday mornings I play chamber music, mainly Bach's flute and piano sonatas (there are six of them). My friend and I both have two dogs, so we call it Barking Friday. Woof! This morning I barked alone, just me and my pencil, for nearly two hours. The flute melodies ran in my head while I sorted out some piano fingering. I missed my friend though - she has wonderful Bach phrasing and the most beautiful tone.

 Pebbles loves Fred.
Dog smooching cat

And now my own dogs are barking - much less pleasant! Am off to take Pebbles for an orchard walk - sorry Winnie. You get to stay inside and growl at your food toy.


Last night it rained. Yes! Blessed rain. The paddocks are so dry, the garden, too. This afternoon my garden plan is to return to yesterday's battle. Get that nasty weeding done. Beat it! Do it all at once.

 Hard work!
Me Weeding in the Hump

Then come inside and reward self with a hot shower, clean clothes, a comfy chair - maybe a cat on lap. Easy!


Back inside. That weeding was pretty ghastly, I got very grubby knees, and it was cold out there. But hey! I've done it.

 The trees over the water race are changing colour.
Autumn is Starting

The garden is autumnal - it gets in a mellow mood. Some tree leaves are turning yellow, the evergreens look even greener, there are wonderful colour splashes everywhere - pinks, yellows, blues, reds... The dahlias are still blooming (I had a major dead-heading session earlier today), and many roses are in their second flowering. Particularly pretty are The Fairy by the house and Graham Thomas in the Allotment Garden. Egg-yolk yellow, such a wonderful colour.