Conversations with my Cat

 Checking out the birds...
MInimus on the Verandah

Conversations with my cat : 'Good news!' I told Minimus, slurping my early cup of tea on the cottage verandah. 'You may not believe this, but I am seventy years old. I have to self-isolate and stay home. That means you'll see much more of me.'

Minimus, sitting sedately on my lap, dug a claw slowly into my knee. 'Sit still' she cat-whispered. 'Blackbird hasn't seen us yet.'

'That means I can come over to the cottage and tickle you under the chin more,' I continued. 'Minimus, I need to unpack this. My world has changed, it makes me sad, and and I need to remain connected.'

Minimus dug another claw in. 'Shhh. Thrush alert.'

'You see, Minimus, it was a bit of a shock - a let down, if you like. Mature gardeners are supposed to be invincible. They go on and on weeding, planting, meeting their friends for coffee...'

Minimus stood up, stretched, rearranged her lines of sight, and lowered herself slowly. 'Foolish bird, bouncing along like that. Cats know better - slink low across the ground.'

 My cottage cat.

Home all the time...

'But it's great news that I'll be home all the time, isn't it? I can pop over and say hello, even bring you lunch. Hey, you're not listening. You're falling asleep. I'll tickle your tummy!'

Minimus glowered at me with her half-closed eyes. 'Don't you know anything? It's a trick so the birds will think I'm asleep. Stop wobbling. I need a stable launch-pad.'

A few days later...

'Minimus! More news. Come and sit by me. Even if I wasn't seventy years old, you would still be seeing lots more of me. Because, at one minute to midnight tomorrow, my country goes into lock-down. Everyone has to stay home. People are still panic-buying toilet rolls. How silly is that?'

 Being silly and smoochy!
Minimus the Cat

Minimus purred and cat-smiled at me. Then she stretched a back leg elegantly up into the air and began to wash her bottom. Cats are superior, aren't they?