Not sure which one.

Gardeners shouldn't be ditherers. They should be decisive : they see something, they stop, and sort it out. They shouldn't be afraid to make a mistake. Fred agrees. Cats never dither, he assures me. They see a mouse, they stop, they pounce and play...

To be realistic, how much of a mistake can one gardener, armed only with shovel, pruning saw, and hand digger actually make? Not much of one, I reckon. Using power tools (or heavy machinery) might require a little more caution. But such things are not for me. I prefer to redirect the kitchen scissors, or bread knife...

Wonderfully decisive...

I've done some wonderfully decisive gardening these last two days. Yesterday Non-Gardening Partner said I could officially use his expensive orange secateurs. Yeay! Trundled my first barrow load of trimmings past a half-dead old woody Lavender. Aha! Stopped, jumped up and down on it to break the old branches, then dug the rest out. Sneezed a lot - old Lavender shrubs are quite dusty. Took about an hour to clean it up, but oh boy I felt good.

 The old woody Lavender has gone.
Cleaned Up

Same today...

It's been the same today. I'd already collected three barrowfuls of trimmings from the border along the water race, and trimmed some messy species Phormiums on the water's edge. Trundled my barrow behind the garage, saw an even messier Phormium.

Stopped. Grabbed the kitchen bread knife and cut the whole thing down. Just like that! Spent another hour cleaning up the mess. Done.

Wednesday 22nd April

Ha! Another non-dithering afternoon. Behind the garage again, I noticed a large Pseudopanyx. Remembered NGP's complaint - it scratches his car when he drives to the bonfire with the trailer full of mess.

Instant action!

Took instant action. Lowered it to knee height and de-fattened it. Discovered some pretty variegated Carexes, quietly biding their time underneath all the excess growth. And lots of interesting sharp edged rocks. Oops. I remember now. Many, many years ago (in 2003) this area was going to be a rockery. Then someone (me) planted things that were far too big.

Thursday 23rd April

Aha! Another non-dithering day. Walked past an over-grown Hebe. Not over-grown any more, it isn't! Then over Car Bridge to an extremely large species Phormium on the edge of the Stumpy Garden. Borrowed the sharp secateurs (again) and cut lots and lots of dead leaves off. This one can stay. Hands feel a little worn.

 One of my most spectacular flaxes.
Red-Black Phormium

A sad finish to the day : the end of the summer potato. Dug the last Waipororo up, watched by black Buster. But great excitement - my online fresh salmon order arrives tomorrow.

Support local businesses...

And my favourite butcher has popped up online. Support local businesses, that's what I must do. Am so grateful that I am safe (and not dithering) in my garden.