Garden reality...

Rightey ho. What to do in the garden today? Oddly, if I ask this question while I'm in the house, often I can't really think of anything. Whereas, if I'm wandering around outside, I can write a list longer than any self-respecting journal page could possibly accommodate. Garden reality is, after all, firmly rooted in the garden itself.

Garden reality is, after all, firmly rooted in the garden itself. -Moosey words of wisdom.

Now I'm about to launch myself outside. Wonder what I'll end up doing? Oooh... How exciting! Unlisted, plan-free gardening.

 A very beautiful striped rose.
Michelangelo Rose - Sam McGredy


I ended up weeding in the Frisbee Border. The saddest of all my sad borders, this one - super scruffy, and very, very dry. Dug out and potted up some red hot pokers and some autumn blue asters.

 One of the Cherokee hybrids.
Dogwood in the Island Bed

Then I wandered around a bit to check out autumn. Some of the dogwoods are in full colour, maples are going red, some other trees are almost bare-leafed. A lovely time of year.

 On the retractable lead.
Pebbles in the Driveway

Saturday 18th April

First I nailed some boards onto the fence where one of the neighbour's hens has been coming through into my garden. Pebbles the dog gets extremely agitated when the hen appears. NGP (bless him) thinks Pebbles want to play. I have a horrible feeling she wants to kill. Oops

Garden tools...

I have managed to lose my only surviving hand digger (yesterday), two pairs of kitchen scissors (earlier in the week), one pair of bright red secateurs (no idea when), and two hand scrapers.

So I continued weeding the Frisbee Lawn's border with just my bare hands. Hopeless! And not particularly efficient. Worked my way around to the big green Phormium. Plucked up courage and asked Non Gardening Partner if I could borrow his fancy orange secateurs. He agreed, but reminded me that I threw his last (expensive) pair on the bonfire by mistake. That would have been at least a year ago. What a memory!

 The Freds relaxing.
Lockdown? What lockdown?

I've only done a couple of hours weeding and trimming, and now it's time to get clean and wash my hair. Another semi-slow day, I'm afraid - the remains of my lazy lockdown mood. But it is the weekend, after all...

Update on loss of garden equipment

I've just found one of my hand scrapers hidden in the pantry underneath the flour. Don't ask!