Find something to enjoy...

 This is what I call these little spring flowers.
Paper Whites

Earlier this morning, sitting up in bed with my cup of tea, I made a list. But it was all over the place, so unstructured (like my garden). So I subdivided it into five sub-lists. Then I organised headings. Then I wrote down the best item : Find something to enjoy in every gardening minute. Ha! That's the easy one.

Sunday 21st August

This morning we went to visit big brown dog Escher (miss you, big doofus of a dog) in his new house. So when I got home there simply wasn't enough daylight left to do everything. And the wind was too gusty for the bonfire. But what I did manage to do is quite impressive - well, to me, anyway! And so many little things to notice and smile at. A list, perhaps? Good heavens no. Even a web-page wouldn't be long enough...

I did my Nursery Woman's work. This involved potting up more self-sown Queen Anne's lace seedlings, plus basal cuttings of variegated Scrophularia. I planted my big roses in the Allotment Garden, and spread a load of horse manure around them. I weeded out old Allysum and Euphorbia by the Stables seat, and filled two pots with an Astelia and a small Phormium.

Pruning the Roses

I did my Pruning Woman's work - most of the Stables Garden roses are done. I stacked the big mess of firewood logs on the side of the Stables, and brought the final barrow load into the house for the log burner. Then I remembered to water the patio polyanthus. Something from each of the sub-lists!

 Sunbathing on the patio table.
Tiger the Cat

Having afternoon tea on the patio, I explained to Tiger the Tortoiseshell and Tiddles the Tabby that there was now a vacancy for the position of 'Best Gardening Cat'. Were either of them interested? Tiddles was too busy watching the little birds swooping onto the bird feeder to answer me. Tiger asked if it involved any walking - apparently, she didn't do walking. Oh well. There'll never be another gardening cat quite like big Fluff-Fluff, but it's a good idea to encourage a successor.

Monday 22nd August

+10Aha! Tiddles (carrying on in big Fluff-Fluff's paw-prints) came with the dogs for our early morning walk. Today has been spring-like, and I've been weeding in the Herb Spiral Garden. I love this garden - it's a very spiritual place, and I never feel rushed or hassled here.

 After a quick clean-up.
Herb Spiral in Winter

I've rescued cornflower and salvia seedlings, pulled out the oldest Lychnis plants, and pruned the roses. I even found a row of little carrots (oops - long forgotten), and the biggest ones are now in the fridge. Wonder what they'll taste like?

Bowles Golden Grass :
But it's such a brilliant colour in spring and summer....

Small thought : Bowles Golden Grass is euphemistically called 'a good mingler'. In fact, it is a nuisance self-seeder, and I am rethinking its desireablilty. But I could gather up all the little bits growing in the Herb Spiral into one clump...

Tuesday 23rd August

Blast. I have done something really silly. I have filled up the potato patch in the Allotment Garden with miniature roses. The early Jersey Bennes are sprouting in their egg cartons, almost ready for planting. Oops. And another necessary shift. Since I have now filled up the Allotment Garden with flowers and roses, I need to reclaim the vegetable garden, on one side of the Herb Spiral. So a few roses (oops), some foxgloves, and some divisions of summer Phlox have to move. Look - I can't just fill up everything everywhere with recycled roses. It's time to start saying no. There's an idea!

Much Later...

A brainwave! I will simply move the potato patch along a bit - the only flowers which will need shifting are self-sown Calendulas, Lychnis, and some miniature Agapanthus (growing here, these are very exposed to winter frosts). Supplies - I have ten bags of organic compost, six bags of potting mix, and a selection of pre-grown annuals from the local supermarket. I've put the red pansies, blue pansies, curly parsley, and some new strawberry plants in pots on the patio. I've also pruned more of the house roses, trimmed ferns, dug out oversized grasses, and weeded. Just as the light was fading I got the bonfire going.

 A large shrub which grows in the Island Bed.
Cool Pink Azalea

The Azalea in the island Bed is suddenly covered in cool pink blooms. Wow - that was quick! There are more and more little spring bulbs flowering yellow and white. And my Alliums are showing. I would looooove to have more Alliums. Have just checked online, and found a bulb grower in the deep south (of New Zealand). Must contact them next February!

Dear Garden...

I can't remember ever enjoying my garden more, which puts me in a supremely good mood. Dear garden, thank you so much for being such a big part of me.