A, B, or C?

Here's a multi-choice gardening question for the start of May. It needs to be answered very, very carefully. Why does it take me five hours to divide and plant two large clumps of species Agapanthus? Choose one of the following:

Ha! I hope you answered C. Anyway, 'tis done. But what a tedious task - of course, the results are amazing, but spending all the gardening day doing just one thing makes for a rather dull journal entry. As a flash-about gardener I'm not used to this.

 In the garden by the Adirondack chair.
The Agapanthus Are Planted

But I am not completely 'Agapanthussed' out. I'm ringing my friend to get some more. I've also had a semi-connected idea to buy some tough rugosa roses and plant them amongst the Agapanthus behind the cottage. Nice? Nice!

Friday 3rd May

I've been busy. Yesterday a film crew from Mr Google were here from 9am until 5:30pm, and I sort of showed off for them. As directed I typed up my journal, planted a rose in the cottage garden, wandered around with my dog, weeded, then stood by the giant Gunnera burbling and grinning at the camera. I just hope I didn't look twenty years older and appear madder than I actually am, hee hee.

 Burbling and grinning...
Head Gardener by Giant Gunnera

And as for today? Well, the day after my fleeting moment of garden stardom is bound to be a bit of an anti-climax, really. All I've done is take autumn photographs and videos of this, that, and the other. 'This' is a small cluster of garden gnomes by the pond. 'That' is the water race, viewed from various bridges. It wasn't a surprise that the water flowing under each bridge looked exactly the same.

So can you hear the commentary? 'I'm standing on Middle Bridge/Willow Bridge/Rooster Bridge and this is my water race, an irrigation canal which flows straight through my garden...'

 So sweet! Hmm...
Percy the Ginger Cat

Rude Cat!

But the 'other' was a disaster. I was videoing my ginger cat Percy. He peeped shyly at me surrounded by greenery, looking gorgeously ornamental. Then he backed up to a clump of dying hostas and enthusiastically wiggled his bottom. Aargh! Percy! Rude cat, pee-ing on my plants. That's one video which will NOT see the light of YouTube's day...

Saturday 4th May

Hee hee. I've just paid two dollars for lots of large clumps of miniature blue Agapanthus, which are filling the trailer. These are going behind the pond. And so the Agapanthus planting season continues. It's as if I do nothing else. Oh, besides burning the dry autumn rubbish. So A is for Agapanthus and B is for Bonfire. Something beginning with C, perhaps?


C can be for constancy. Because I am constantly planting Agapanthus and feeding the bonfire? I've divided and planted two clumps of A, wheeled and burnt four barrowfuls on the B, and spread two barrowfuls of leaf mould and horse manure on the pond garden. I've decided it's silly to rush these things. Late autumn is a mellow time of the year. Take things nice and easy and they still get done. Sometimes...

Take things nice and easy and they still get done. Sometimes... -Moosey words of wisdom.
 The red leaves are from a Cotinus and a far Oak tree.
The Dog-Path Garden in Autumn

Sunday 5th May

Today has been a B for Bonfire day. I've just about cleaned up the gum tree mess on the fence-line way behind the cottage. There's not so much one can say about a semi-continuous bonfire, really. Except that in the clean-up I've uncovered some home-made compost, which will be most welcome.

 Fragrant, too!
Margaret Merril White Roses

I have been noticing things, though, and the camera has been clicking. A cluster of Margaret Merril roses are blooming near the bonfire. Their petals are shiny white, strong and sturdy, as if no wind will be able blow them off. But the red Maples and Dogwoods are nearly bare - in the last week most of their leaves have dropped.