A Very Wet Week.

 Let me in!
Wet Cat Outside

The colours in my garden are becoming so muted - the word 'dull' seems unfair, because my garden is doing its very best. There are no fizzy pink roses to catch my eye, just wet foliage covered with a grey-blue wash. It's been a very wet week.

Thursday 23rd May

The autumn leaves have mostly fallen down, making a soggy covering for the wet grass. It's been raining cats, and dogs, but naturally all of mine have spent the last few days warm and dry in front of the wood-burner. The two fatties will stretch out, tummies rather rudely exposed, legs in the air. But how mean was I earlier this morning? Fluff-Fluff and Tiger looked so 'cute' in the rain staring forlornly in the glass doors. What did I do? Reached for the camera and tried to take some photographs. Poor things! I did let them in, though. Eventually...

So it's yet another gardening-free day - my goodness, there've been quite a few of them this May. Our weather is daft. Why can't it rain a little each month, instead of staying dry for ages and then raining every day?

 Puddles, puddles...
Rusty the Dog in the Hazelnut Orchard

Rusty the dog and I have been outside for a few wet walks. I've taken photographs of the wet garden and the Hazelnut Orchard (the nuts have dropped, and now the leaves are changing colour).

Before and After Pictures

I've been trying to get some 'after' pictures which will match with the 'befores'. But my early photographs are up to 20 years old, and it's difficult to stand in exactly the same place. When I do, the view inevitably overflows with foliage and there's absolutely no sense of where I am anyway. Ah, such is progress.

 And the Agapanthus still in the trailer!
Dog by a Driveway Puddle

This week's real gardening efforts may have been minimal, but each day has been equally rainy, and I've done a lot of web-gardening instead. This morning I've taken some 'nearly winter' videos. But who wants to see 'nearly winter' videos of a garden, when there are 'nearly summer' roses to salivate over elsewhere? Aha! It's all about accepting and then celebrating what you've got. And not getting too gooey and sentimental over your rosy summer garden photographs...

 Thanks to this Hebe!
Winter-Flowering Hebe

A Plan...

I do have a plan for the rest of today, however. I'm going to dress rough (old shirt, shorts over thermal long-johns) and plant the remaining Agapanthus clumps behind the pond. If I get soaked, I don't care - there's lots of hot water. So I'll be able to go to chamber music super-clean and seriously showered, with a clear gardening conscience. My flautist and I have 'found' a new Bach sonata to play. It was never lost, of course.


My goodness I feel better for having planted those Agapanthus pieces. And the Bach sonata (in A major) is so pretty and cheerful. How simple life is, sometimes...