Running out of time...

Aargh! Suddenly it's the weekend, and the Garden Club visit on Tuesday at twilight. I am running out of time. There is so much I would like to do. I will get a reputation as a weed-harbourer (?) if I don't get onto it.

I need help - where has Non-Gardening Partner escaped to? I have a really long serious list of things for him to do. Like the lawn mowing...

 Actually they are not looking look too bad.
Aargh! Clean Up the House Gardens!

Saturday 6th February

Firstly all humans on the 'Shape Up For Life' campaign go swimming and then I have to work, work, work - to make up for yesterday's mooch, mooch, mooch.

'It's always easy to organise oneself on paper.'
-Moosey Words of Wisdom.

Right. I need some serious self-organisation, in which a short, succinct lists definitely has a place. It's always easy to organise oneself on paper. Here's my list for today - I'm going for topics rather than garden areas. And please let me take notice of it, rather than get sidetracked.

Take Notice of This List Or Else...

The Frisbee Lawn corner garden.
The Frisbee Lawn corner garden. Get help - nag nicely if necessary.
Trim Walk-by edges.
This is so simple - just walk around everywhere with wheel barrow and secateurs.

It's two hours later, and I'd like to think I've got a sensible gardening streak - one that directs me to work in the shade on a hot sunny summer's day, have a short break inside to recharge, and then return to get through the items on a list I've bothered to write. Hee hee...

 I think I now have three separate bushes. It must be pretty common!
Unknown Yellow Rose

I'm doing OK. So far the Frisbee Lawn digging is almost done. My garden helper (Non Gardening Partner) was extremely short-term - he got too hot and wandered off to do something else. Thought - should I get him to shift some of the giant Agaves into the Frisbee Lawn's new garden for some instant bulk and drama?

 Oops. There is a path, but the ferns are coving it up.
Hydrangeas by the Path

Hoses On

While I sip my cup of tea, I need to think. Where should the small hoses go on this afternoon? In other words, what's dying? Oops - that sounds a bit harsh... I'll do the interior of the Hump, the back of the Shrubbery, and the back of the pond. I'll check the hydrangeas, too, just in case. Done. In a flash, another sensible decision, with no blithering.

Right. More sunblock needs to be plastered on the Moosey face and hands, and I need to pretend that I'm going outside for the first time this day, full of energy, empty of boredom (I find the collecting and spreading of mulch oddly boring, though I love the results).

Aargh! The Lawn Mower!

Aargh! The lawn-mower is going. That means I have to shift all the garden seats and benches so they are properly mowed under and around. And shift the hoses off the lawn so they don't get munched into a thousand little pieces. I'm off!

Much, Much Later...

Wow. What a big day. I've finished the mulching, and the digging, I've trimmed a path behind the pond, laid more stones and log edges, gathered up several loads of gum tree bark, and burnt all the rubbish. I finished my day standing in the water race weeding. Regarding the rush-like plants that grow willy-nilly at the water's edge - I'm not pulling them out. Ha! Their roots are good for stabilisation (and my hands are too sore) so I've been trimming them down at the ankles.

 This is where I stand to weed. Refreshing!
Weeding in the Water Race

There is much more to do, like weeding, but as long as I do my best, don't moan, and welcome my guests. Without apologies. I think the weather might be a bit rainy at dusk on Tuesday, anyway. Weather always helps one keep gardening things in perspective.

Sunday 7th February, Late...

While the evening meal is cooking I want to record a most triumphant day. The vegetable garden is ready for scrutiny - tomatoes staked, everything weeded.

 The orange species plant, I think...

Done - Well, Almost!

Three quarters of the gardens over the water race have their edges done, and they've been weeded and trimmed. The blue garden seats are ready to receive visiting bottoms. All roses are dead-headed, all paths are clear. I've even spread mulch around.

A Real Gardener

Today I have been a real gardener, attending to details. Tomorrow I need to do exactly the same things. I can do this, even if I have left my run rather late. Non-Gardening Partner has been mowing, water-blasting the patio tiles, and getting the waterwheel to work. It does! He won't guarantee the length of rotation, however - a wise man.