Blue Garden Seats

 Hello Lilli!

After a short holiday to lovely tropical Samoa I decided my garden was terribly drab, colour-wise. The next time I had anything to paint I'd choose the brightest colours.

No More Greens or Browns

There'd be no more safe green or boring brown painted wood in my garden, thank you. I see these colours in my shrubs and trees, anyway - particularly in winter.

My blue garden seats in the small enclosed lawn by the willow stump are the result. I bought the three wooden garden chairs for ten dollars at the local Scouts' garage sale. Here's my grey cat Lilli-Puss in a super-friendly mood, lounging on one posing for the camera.

Hidden From View

This is the perfect place in the garden to relax with good food, a hot cup of coffee, and a good book. The little grass enclosure is hidden away from view, and there are always some lovely shrubs and flowers to enjoy.

 Comfortable seats for the older-lady gardener...
The Blue Garden Seats

The Moosey cats know this is one of my favourite places. I'll never sit here for long without one of them turning up. Why don't you come and join me too?

 My beautiful fluffy caramel cat.
Fluff-Fluff the Cat and the Blue Seats