Secret Lawn

At the back of the big willow stump there's a small, enclosed lawn, which is delightfully warm (and shady) in summer. The surrounding rhododendrons have filled out and the Oak trees grown taller. So this lawn has become a secret, sheltered, special place in which to sit and dream.

 Photograph taken in spring.
The Secret Lawn

I didn't initially know what colours the rhododendrons would be - they all came from the nursery's sale table, with no labels. Rather delightfully they are an amazing collection of warm fruit salad colours.

 With seats
Secret Lawn - 2008

Some brightly painted turquiose blue garden seats are installed in this quiet, contemplative space. Yippee! They are much enjoyed, by me and my cats.

 The two trees in the lawn are fastigate Oaks.
Secret Lawn - 2004