Summer rose show...

The December summer rose show is still filling the garden with colour and warmth. All my hostas have expanded, and the first summer shrubs are flowering. Yippee!

 Looking a bit worse for wear...
Summer Lychnis Flowers

Tuesday 7th December

I've been thinking - two things must be officially commented on.

Firstly, there is absolutely no place for grumpiness in the summer garden. Any outside problems (small and work related) and niggles are simply not allowed in. What a waste of mental energy! If this happens again (like it did last week) there will be weeding penance - for example, hand weeding for three hours in the driveway.

 Pink and pretty.
Summer Roses

Three Hundred Roses!

Secondly, if there are close to three hundred different roses in the Moosey garden, then it follows that there could - I'm only saying 'could' - be close to three hundred rose pages on this web-site. Readers should be thankful that I don't know all the names! 'Unknown Rose No. 65' is a pretty dippy title for a new page!

But back to the gardening business - or should that be busyness? Yesterday I was really busy. Weeding, but happily, by the water race. The roses in the gardens over the water are so beautiful - I could smell wafting snatches of the super-fragrant Sharifa Asma as I tackled clover and dandelion and assorted weeds on the Dog-path.

Then I removed myself to the Willow Tree Garden (home to all my no-name roses) and ripped out the friendly filler-weed Campion. I think I have an English Elegance rose in here.

Today I have my final work commitments for the year. But later today I will return to the gardens over the water race, where I regained my good gardening mood - and my gardening energy.


Oops - I'm back a bit late to garden. And it's spitting rain. But my work is OVER! No more excuses for grumpiness. I am officially ON HOLIDAY. I'm off to take photographs of more roses with Rusty the puppy.

 The rugosa rose Robusta with lupins.
Summer Plantings in the Willow Tree Garden

Wednesday 8th December

Even though I have been a very part-time teacher this year, I am still grinning from ear to ear that the official holidays have started! I'm up early, ready to make an exuberant list of sensible and energetic things I can do in the garden before the cricket starts. Since this happens around 4 pm my day should be super-productive.

Is the Moosey Garden Too Big? Too Small?

I often wonder how a gardener knows that her garden is the right size. Some days mine is too small, other days a sneaky feeling creeps in - is it too big? Have I got the mental energy to look after the whole area? Should I throw out all perennials and do more shrubs? Gardens which are developing at a distance from the house (for example, behind the pond, where I weeded for the first time this winter) should have strictly native plantings I reckon. It makes sense. There should be nothing that needs desperate watering or even pruning.

 With resident Phormium.
Summer in the Apple Tree Border

Today I might go and investigate this new area. I have seedling Pittosporums in the glass-house dying (oops!) to escape. I could go out and buy some holiday flaxes! I need to visit some plant nurseries. Speaking of which, my friend has found a Claret Iceberg rose at one local nursery - I'm definitely going to check this rose out. I love the Pink Iceberg rose I grow. See, I'm rose-distracted already!

 A red border collie, the rose Crepuscule, and an unknown red climber.
Rusty and the Pergola Roses

Almost Four Hours Later...

I have been weeding and planting, sawing off Willow tree branches which have grown too far sideways, and sloshing up and down a part of the water race pulling out grass. My feet are tremendously clean. Now I am going to rest up, have lunch in the shade somewhere, and read one of my holiday books.

Almost Another Three Hours Later...

I've got this summer gardening sorted. This afternoon I weeded and cleared the path in the shade of the Wattle Woods. Now the hoses are on and the cricket has started. The shrubs and trees over the water race are shining in the sun - the roses all along the bank look beautiful, and the water burbles along sparkling over the stones. Summer gardening is brilliant, as long as one takes it quietly and follows the shade.

Rusty the puppy fights the water coming out of the hose when I water the pots. He gets soaked trying to bite the stream of water. The he looks all thin and sad - of course he is neither!

Wednesday 9th December

I've been wondering more about the size of a garden. Would I know if it gets too big? Today I plan to expand more behind the pond (yesterday I didn't get around to going into this area). Is this totally silly? Will I ever run totally out of garden energy? Eek!

 I’m certain that they’ve improved!
The Gardens Over the Water Race

I had such a responsible day yesterday that my confidence is running high. Today I'll try to be just as calm and centred. Overall the Moosey garden must be in better shape than in previous Decembers - I've increased my gardening time by a factor of ten this year, and I expect to be able to see the results! Many areas of the garden must have benefited from my more concentrated watering plan. It may be the only thing that I've actually done better this year! I need a distant and trustworthy friend to arrive for a garden visit and tell me it's really improved! You can't tell from photographs.

Enough Rambling...

Right - enough rambling. I fancy a quiet spot of weeding, sitting down elegantly in the garden behind the Pond. Puppy AND cat company would be nice! I may even garden all day.

 The flowers are just about over.
Spring Blue Salvia

Three Hours Later...

It must be about ten degrees out there - brrr it's cold. I've been very industrious behind the Pond - I've been weeding and planting and watering. I need to indicate where the path goes with some form of edging - I am a compulsive edger as far as paths go (seriously lacking imagination). This would be a magic spot for a secluded summer seat, too - must think about this. I thought I heard a boom of thunder as I came inside, and rain is forecast, so it may not be pleasant to return.

Friday 10th December

I have been clearing behind the pond for three hours. The wind has been booming and zooming through the trees, and I have been edging the path and new garden areas (with next winter's firewood logs, oops). Rusty the puppy has been 'helping' - aargh! Gardening with a rake and a puppy is - well - interesting. And Rusty loves to dig in the old ash heap - then we have to fight the hose to get his face and paws clean. Oh joy! Now I'm inside for fresh bread and some piano playing. The trouble is that I have to do everything that's remotely creative before I get too tired. I am going to play some Bach. It's summer - I love my garden.

Good news on the summer seat front - I've found a large, smooth (excellent - no splinters in the gardening shorts), artistic (good for my image as a gardener with style), gently curved (a good shape for a tired gardener's bottom) piece of wood - it's heavy, but I'm going to wheelbarrow it over to the pond. That's after I've played the piano for an hour.


The weather is really unsettled - it's been raining. And it's moderately cold. Summer in the garden - hmm...