Rusty The New Puppy

Rusty the red border collie puppy has come to live at Mooseys. He's fluffy, bouncy, chewy, and completely adorable.

His fur is blonde and pale orange (though it looks darker after he's fallen in the water race or had a puppy-battle with the garden hose - when the water is running).

 Ridiculous, really.
Puppy and Toy Plastic Sausages

It's so much fun having a new puppy. Take the purchasing of compulsory puppy-toys, for example. Kittens are easily pleased - they'll chase string, leaves, and their own tail for hours. Puppies need real toys (purchased from a reputable pet shop, of course) - toys like strange bouncing balls, soft and squishy stuffed blue rabbits, and strings of smiling plastic sausages...

Puppy and Toy Blue Rabbit

Puppy Power

Puppies learn quickly to SIT. This makes the new owner (who gets up early these mornings, coincidentally when puppy wakes up) feel powerful and in control. She enjoys this feeling - she's never ever felt it in her garden.

Puppy Gardening

Puppy-gardening is fun. Puppies learn to follow the wheelbarrow and the gumboots, and can be persuaded not to bite the watering hose. Puppy-company is much more full-on and friendly than cat-company, and the new puppy actually seems interested in the new flowering annuals being planted - well, in digging them up, anyway.

It's good having Taj-Dog as a canine mentor, too. Pottering around finding rudely smelling objects is much more fun when there's two of you. The old dog can get pretty boring, though - he sleeps a lot!

 Dog communication is pretty subtle.
This Way? Taj-Dog and Rusty

It's a delight to watch the new puppy - he is the nicest possible time-waster. He bounces everywhere. He has invisible springs under his foot pads. He also tumbles and does stylish roly-poly moves on the house lawn. He does other things on the house lawn, too...

 Very subtle.
That Way?

Welcome to Mooseys Country Garden, Rusty the Puppy! I'm not sure what the old dog Taj-Dog thinks of you!