Cat Company

Cat company involves the physical presence of one or more cats, who must stay close during a gardening activity. Cats are expected to look interested in the garden and to interact with the gardener - for example by sitting underneath the wheelbarrow.

Cats are also allowed to entertain. Climbing trees, or leaping into planting holes are great for making the gardener feel less bored. She will talk a lot - every now and then a squeak or a chirpy miaow goes down well. That way the gardener thinks she's being listened to!

 Jerome on the patio table.
Grey Cat Company

Good quality cat company always follows the gardener if she shifts her gardening base, though wise cats will establish themselves by the Cricket Radio (refer to appropriate page) if it is switched on. They know that the gardener will be returning!

Cat Company :
Cat company is strictly voluntary, but kittens are trained from their earliest days to be in the garden.

Adult cats are never carried to the gardening spot, though they can be tempted with dried cat food in the gardener's pockets. A slight technicality needs to be mentioned. When convenient, the Moosey dog is considered an honorary cat, and so his presence in the garden is also required. He always obliges!

Pet Lamb and Chook Company

Other Moosey animals have been tried out from time to time - but the pet lamb ate the Bergenia flowers, and the chooks were hopelessly nosy. The Moosey Worm Policy is clear - preferably worms will stay in the soil to do their good works!