Yet another list!

 Where X-Treme Bed Gardening takes place!
Pond Cottage

Daughter, she who helps me write amazing lists, has returned. So I took her around the Hump Garden. We looked at the paths, talked about which plants needed shifting, and so on. And yes - I wrote yet another list. Surely lists are like roses - one can never have too many of them?

X-treme Bed Gardening...

About 3am I woke up in my cottage bed and started rethinking all my ideas. I planned, I visualised, I dug out all the squashed roses, I re-routed paths, I even shifted Phormiums - all in my mind.

And guess what? No way could I get back to sleep. This was X-treme Bed Gardening, and I was on a roll. Aargh!

Monday 10th July

This morning the gardens are wet and misty, and I feel very dozy. The clarity of my bedtime garden design has been dulled by reality. A path right around the whole area? Really?

 In the Hump Garden.

An encircling path? Hours and hours of bottom-dragging, swathes and swathes of periwinkle removal, promising myself that I'll keep it clear... Oh really?

Path pondering...

A path can provide access for mundane things like weeding and trimming. But it can also be a journey for exploration and observation. Can a path integrate a series of garden areas? Should it even try? Perhaps it should simply link them, which is not necessarily the same thing.

 A few winter flowers - so pretty!
Periwinkle Flower

Four hours later...

Hee hee. First of all I finished the items on an older list. I dug the last of the Allotment Garden roses out - including a second Munstead Wood, which I wish would grow properly. Put them in pots, with labels. I've thrown the two Graham Thomas roses onto the bonfire - they were in sorry state, and I can easily buy in new ones.

And then onto the newer list. Off I went into the Hump Garden, and immediately got down on my bottom to re-route a path. As usual, this took absolutely ages. Shifted two ill-positioned recycled roses, replanted them out in the open. Binned another couple which just weren't really growing. Made a start on the lower encircling path, found some logs for edges. Dug out loads of periwinkle. Then for variety, and to keep mentally alert, I went off to weed another path.

Too many lists?

I enjoyed myself for four hours, and everything is cleaned up, tools put away. There is certainly no such thing as too many roses (though I should apologise to Graham Thomas), but I do wonder if there is such a thing as too many lists. It's quite confusing for the gardening, not knowing which one to try and finish first.